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A Facelift Alternative In 30 Minutes?


By using the laser technology AccuLift, the 30 Minute Facelift may offer patients a non-surgical facelift-alternative that delivers a more youthful and sculpted jawline.

In less time than it takes to watch a show on prime time, it may be possible to turn back the clock with the 30 Minute Facelift. Developed by Sarasota, FL, facial plastic surgeon, Dr. J. David Holcomb, this new procedure combines laser lipolysis with other minimally invasive procedures (as needed) to provide patients with a fast procedure that offers facelift-like results.

30 minute facelift
Actual Before and After Results of The 30 Minute Facelift by Dr. J. David Holcomb
Post Procedure: 2 Years

As recently seen on The Doctors, the 30 Minute Facelift utilizing the AccuLift may offer patients a way to look younger with a more contoured jawline - without surgery. One of the first signs of aging is loose skin, particularly in the area between the jaw and the neck. Commonly referred to as jowls, loose skin along the jawline can make patients look older than they really are. Previously only treatable with surgery, The 30 Minute Facelift is minimally invasive and can be performed in half an hour.

"The 30 Minute Facelift is designed to reduce or eliminate jowling and fullness in the lower face as well as the area under the chin - thereby helping to restore a more youthful jawline and neck contour," describes Dr. Holcomb, "Since it is possible to obtain facelift-like results in appropriate patients and it truly takes about 30 minutes to perform the laser assisted contouring of the lower face and the area under the chin, the '30 Minute Facelift' name seemed very appropriate."

accusculpt 30 minute facelift
Actual 30 Minute Facelift Results by Dr. J. David Holcomb
Post Procedure: 2 Years

Dr. Holcomb developed the 30 Minute Facelift while working on a facial contouring procedure called AccuLift, or laser assisted facial contouring. The procedure is based on the laser lipolysis device Accusculpt, which is ideal for delicate areas such as under the chin and neck line.

According to Dr. Holcomb, patients undergoing the 30 Minute Facelift are first numbed with a small amount of local anesthetic in the area and the small laser fiber is inserted into the fatty tissue under the skin and is liquified. A cannula that is attached to a small syringe is then used to remove the fatty tissue that has been broken down. "By removing this tissue that had been previously causing unsightly bulging and weighing down the skin we see that the skin is then able to contract or shrink somewhat," remarks Dr. Holcomb.

In addition, if the patient has experienced a loss of volume in the face, which is also another sign of aging, Dr. Holcomb offers the 30 Minute Facelift Plus. After removing the excess fat from the jowls with the AccuSculpt laser, he injects the temporary facial filler Radiesse into areas in which volume has been lost, giving patients a fuller, more youthful looking appearance.

The ideal patient for The 30 Minute Facelift is usually between the age of 40-55 who has fullness in lower face and under the chin but Dr. Holcomb reports having success with patients who are up to their late 70s. "In general, an accumulation of fatty tissue must be present (the procedure doesn't work on patients with thin features that just have loose skin) and the skin should not be terribly loose," states Dr. Holcomb, "For patients who have fatty tissue fullness in the lower face and in the area under the chin along with significant skin laxity, we combine the laser contouring with surgical lifting procedures."

As a minimally invasive procedure, the 30 Minute Facelift may also mitigate several issues that traditional facelifts carry inherently as a surgical procedure which translates to a shorter procedure time, no general anesthesia risks, less scarring, lower costs and a shorter downtime. The 30 Minute Facelift has a significantly lesser downtime associated with the treatment vs. the week of rest recommended after a facelift.

Patients who have had the 30 Minute Facelift can be out the next day but Dr. Holcomb recommends that they keep their activity light and to keep the head elevated for the first few days. In addition, elastic bands should be worn as much as possible for the first 4 days but may be worn less, depending on social commitments. Due to swelling that can occur, final results may not be achieved until several weeks to a month or more after the procedure.