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Looking for an Acculift Provider?


The Acculift is an awake facelift alternative recently seen on The Doctors

As recently seen on The Doctors, the 30 Minute Facelift utilizing the AccuLift may offer patients a way to look younger with a more contoured jawline - without surgery. After the show hundreds of patients have come to American Health and Beauty looking for an Acculift provider or doctors who have the Accusculpt Laser Lipolysis device.

The AccuLift procedure was created by Dr. David Holcomb in Sarasota, Florida. This is not a procedure offered by doctors everywhere, however, many doctors offer variations of a mini facelift and many use laser lipolysis for skin tightening, but if you want an "Acculift" you have to go to Florida.

Examples of other popular facelift procedures:

It is important to research the procedures carefully and ask a skilled surgeon you trust the difference between the different procedures and what is best for YOU! Do not let cute marketing names guide your decision... you want to see dozens of photos of cases just like yours.