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As a material, Radiance is cream-like in texture and remains that way throughout its life. The sensitivity and feeling of enhanced areas are retained. Once injected, its softness resembles that of your normal facial tissue. Your own tissues will integrate with the Radiance microspheres as a natural process of your body.

Since your physician can control the amount of Radiance injected, you can achieve the exact amount of enhancement you desire. Individuals who have received Radiance treatment are very pleased with its natural look and feel.

Radiance is unique among treatments to enhance the face and offers a combination of benefits unavailable with other approaches:

  • A time-tested synthetic material used in medicine and dentistry.
  • Complete safety and compatibility with the body.
  • Produces a soft, natural-looking appearance.
  • Lasts up to three years or more without repetitive treatments.
  • Animal and human tissue-free; no allergy testing required.
  • Can be performed during an office visit.
  • Results are immediately visible.

    Many options exist for reversing the effects of time and aging on the face, from major surgical procedures to injectable enhancements. Radiance stands alone as a safe, durable and worry-free treatment. In less time than it takes for a hairstyle, you can present a renewed, revitalized face to the world.


    (PRWEB) August 4, 2005 -- Dr. Alexander Rivkin, founder of Westside Medical Spa, has developed the Non Surgical Nose Job™, an effective, minimally invasive, less expensive, and safer alternative to traditional rhinoplasty that is proving quite popular among Asian patients.

    “We've noticed that one of the major cosmetic concerns of our Asian clientele is the appearance of their nose,” says Dr. Alexander Rivkin of Westside Medical Spa, “This population typically desires more definition to the height and bridge of their nose as well as a more prominent and defined tip.”

    Until now, the only option for Asians was a particularly complex version of the traditional surgical rhinoplasty procedure, where cartilage from the rib or ear was harvested for implantation into the nose. The results from this procedure are often unsatisfactory, leaving the patient with an unnatural appearance to their nose, as well as extensive bruising, swelling and pain.

    Too often traditional rhinoplasty results in an undesired, Caucasian-looking nose, not to mention a hefty bill of at least $10,000. Add to all of this the typical risks of surgical rhinoplasty including: difficulty breathing through the nose, cartilage collapse over time, and anesthesia complications, which can include death!

    The Non Surgical Nose Job™ avoids all of these complications. The procedure consists of several strategic injections of a dermal filler called Radiance to elevate and better define the bridge and upper dorsum of the nose.

    Throughout the procedure, the patient is fully in control. They hold a mirror and direct Dr. Rivkin's attention to areas that are of particular concern as the doctor pauses between stages. The Radiance is injected into the deepest layers of the skin, but well superficial to the cartilage and bone. As a result, there is no effect on the breathing passages. Since the bones and cartilage of the nose are not affected, there is no bruising, minimal swelling, minimal redness, and no pain.

    The procedure enhances the Asian qualities of the nose, avoiding the undesirable results of “westernizing." The patient may go back to work immediately after the procedure. Most importantly, the dangers of surgery are completely avoided!

    The cost of The Non Surgical Nose Job™ is $1000 and includes all follow-up visits and touch-up injections for one year. The effects of the procedure last for 2 to 3 years.

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