3D Nipple Tattoos: The Finishing Touch After Breast Reconstruction


The artistry of nipple-areola tattoos has advanced in the last few years and the procedure is considered by many to be an important part of reconstruction breast surgery

The primary focus of any discussion on reconstructive breast surgery is understandably on restoring the shape and volume of the breast itself. However, it's important not to overlook conversations about the finishing touch: nipple-areola recreation. New nipples are often reconstructed from the breast skin, but some women feel that creating a projecting nipple is not that important, and sometimes this surgery carries additional complications, particularly if performed after radiation treatment. Nipple tattoos performed by a professional tattoo artist may offer an ideal alternative.

Breast Photo
Evolved Artistry

A reconstructed breast without a nipple (or at least the appearance of a nipple) can feel "unfinished," making it harder for women to find closure after the emotional journey of breast cancer surgery. In cases like this, plastic surgeons may end up tattooing a basic nipple and areola representation onto the breast themselves as part of the reconstruction process. These results, while effective, are very simplified: a lighter color for the areola, and a darker center for the nipple.

Just as medical techniques themselves have advanced, however, so has the artistry of nipple-areola tattoos. A recent report published in the May issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery discusses the superior results that may be achieved in nipple tattoos by a professional tattoo artist instead. Organizations like the Pink Ink Project can help women locate tattoo artists who specialize in color matching and adding dimension for the most realistic and most beautiful final result.

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