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Introducing a Non-Surgical Breast Lift


Using a patient's own fat, this technique can lift and restore breast volume without the traditional scars and downtime

Atlanta cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Louis Cole has perfected a non-surgical, virtually scarless procedure to lift and restore a woman's breasts using their own body fat.

Non-Surgical Breast Lift
Breast Lift and Restoration using a Patient's Own Fat
(the video below has several before & after photos without the privacy bars)

Dr. Cole describes the process as a "two for one" procedure, ideal for women maybe 35 to 55 who may have had a children and have since lost breast volume. Fat is removed from the abdomen, processed & treated and then injected into tiny incisions on the bottom of the breasts often resulting in an increase of a cup to a cup and a half. The bonus on the procedure is that not only does the fat restore breast volume, it actually lifts the breasts some as well.

Watch this video for more information on the non-surgical breast lift: