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Stem Cell Breast Augmentation Restores Patient's Confidence


Years of living with breast disfigurement had left Jane despondent, but the discovery of a new natural option restored her hope.

Natural breast augmentation has become a popular option for women who want to add volume to their breasts and prefer a natural, incision free approach. Some though turn to this procedure for medical reasons. After a lifetime of dealing with embarrassing breast disfigurement, Jane* discovered her solution in a new, stem-cell enhanced natural breast augmentation option.

Growing up in a small town, Jane was young when she first discovered several suspicious lumps in her breasts. She and her parents sought out treatments, but today's digital technology was not yet available and she had to undergo lumpectomies to remove the lumps so they could be tested.

These tests left her breasts disfigured and when she was older, Jane opted to have a breast implant procedure in order to correct the problem. She had the surgery done, but her body rejected the implants and they had to be removed. After going through 4 sets of implants which served to damage the tissue more and cause more medical complications, Jane decided she wouldn't try implants again.

After about a year of living implant free, she discovered stem cell breast augmentation. She found Dr. Todd Malan, a a cosmetic surgeon from Scottsdale, AZ with experience in natural and stem cell enhanced cosmetic surgery, which is a brand new aesthetics field.

The terms natural breast augmentation and stem cell breast augmentation can be confusing, but as Dr. Malan explains, "Many physicians use the term {!'Natural Breast Augmentation' | natural breast augmentation} because they're transferring fat in lieu of using an implant or filling fat. A stem cell breast augmentation is where you actually take fat and enrich it with stem cells from a different batch of fat and that?s what you inject into the breast for improved survival."

Using this method, Dr. Malan was able to give Jane a much more natural and pleasing appearance to her breasts, restoring the confidence that was lost after years of living with a disfigurement. For Jane, a natural breast augmentation was the best option to repair both her breasts and her self esteem.

*Name changed