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Fat Transfer Breast Surgery Used to Balance Breast Volume


Uneven breasts can be embarrassing and make it difficult to properly fit bras and bathing suits. Fat transfer may offer the ideal solution to balance out uneven volume.

Fat transfer procedures are growing in popularity for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the combination of liposuction and volume enhancement all in one. This dual benefit treatment is used for natural breast augmentation, hand rejuvenation and even buttock augmentation.

The basic concept of fat transfer is relatively simple. Fat is removed with lipo and it's filtered to remove any blood or other material from the fat. The pure fat cells are then placed where they're needed via injection for a scarless result.

As cosmetic surgeon Dr. Leif Rogers explains on The Doctors today, fat transfer can be the ideal solution to uneven breasts. Most women have breasts that are a slightly different size, but for some this difference is a dramatic and noticeable one. Dr. Rogers says that if a woman wants to even out the size of her breasts, fat transfer may be the most ideal, and certainly the most natural solution.

uneven breasts on the doctors
Actual Before and After Photos of Fat Transfer Breast Surgery
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Fat transfer isn't right for everyone though. There are a couple of considerations that make the procedure appropriate for some and not for others. First of all, the patient must have enough fat to be removed, so this is not for those who are very thin. Also, when looking to balance breast volume, the difference in size shouldn't be more than about one bra cup size. With fat transfer, some of the initial injected volume will be lost because of resorption of the fat. Adding more volume won't help with fat retention, rather more will simply be lost. For patients needing more than a cup size enhancement, traditional implants or multiple fat grafts are more appropriate.

If you have uneven breasts and are embarrassed in bathing suits or can't wear the shirts you want, talk to your physician to find out if fat transfer may be a solution for you.