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Minimally Invasive Solution for Removing Bags Under the Eyes


Philadelphia plastic surgeon has developed an outpatient procedure for treating Festoons under the eyes.

The bags under the eyes, called festoons or malar bags are typically filled with fat and fluid. Festoons are a common aging problem that can make you look tired and worn down, even though you feel great on the inside.

Many doctors struggle treating this condition. Laser treatments have been shown on The Doctors and Doctor Oz for treating Festoons. Now, in a new procedure which includes a laser, Dr. Allan Wulc, a Philadelphia plastic surgeon demonstrates in the following video how to remove these bags in a fast and easy procedure with minimal downtime.

"Patients who have these bags on bags are desperate. They've tried every cosmetic wrinkle reducer out there. Often they've had surgery like liposuction or an eyelid lift, or fillers to make things better. These procedures can often make festoons worse," says Dr. Wulc.

Before and After Photo of Woman with Festoons
Before and After Results for Festoon Treatment by Dr. Alan Wulc
Dr. Wulc removes heavy bags under the eyes with a combination of microdroplet liposculpture and dual Erbium laser resurfacing. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis. Removal of even the most problematic festoons is possible. The surgery takes about 1 hour is painless, and swelling lasts anywhere from seven to ten days.

"I am 100% over the moon about the work I had done. Dr. Wulc exceeds all my expectations. He has a way of using restraint so that I am not "overdone" but I look great," says patient Kelly C.

"One procedure described for festoons is to cut them out directly, said Dr, Wulc, this works, but, even if beautifully done, can leave a disfiguring scar on the face. The procedure we perform works, and doesn't leave any long term visible scars."

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By: Keith Veseleny