Revolutionary Techniques to Melt Fat and Shrink Loose Skin


We've seen these procedures on Dr. Oz, The Doctors, Good Morning America and more... cosmetic procedures to melt fat & shrink loose skin

The names of devices and procedures keep changing and the overall results keep improving. Today's episode of Dr. Oz described "Shrink Wrap Liposuction" as revolutionary and we agree that the results were very impressive. This is a result of advances in aesthetic technologies but more importantly, in the surgeon's learning how to effectively design customizable approaches to addressing each individual patient's needs.

In an industry where the device names are being used more and more frequently as "the procedure", many doctors are realizing that the best results are coming from a combination of procedures and techniques to remove fat, and shrink & tighten the remaining loose skin. There is no one size fits all solution and you want a doctor who understands body sculpting and the ability to deliver individual results.

tummy shrink lipo lift
Actual results of Dr. Thomas Barnes Tummy Shrink Lift in Less Than 1 Hour
As seen on The Doctors, THE Today Show & Good Day LA

Surgeons are typically doing this using a combination of three types of technologies, but more importantly they are customizing their procedures based on the patient's age, skin laxity, type of fat and various other factors.

Dr. Thomas Barnes, a cosmetic surgeon in Newport Beach tells us about his Tummy Shrink Lipo procedure, "My process varies depending on the individual patient, but involves some liposculpture to release the tissue, then SmartLipo laser for specific heating under the skin. To complete the procedure, I use a RF or light device like the Refirme or the Reaction on the surface of the skin for additional heating. The double source of skin heating, from inside and out, helps by creating improved contours, more skin tightening and much less swelling, discomfort and downtime - which is what everyone wants today... most people are back to work in a day or two..."
Combination Shrink Lipo Procedure
Actual results of Dr. Robert Burke
Combination of laser liposuction & RF Energy

The doctor will debulk the fat using some form of liposculpture or liposuction. There are many different devices and techniques for performing liposuction. Some prefer to use laser lipolysis to melt and/or emulsify the fat before it is removed. Others prefer technologies that use sound or mechanical action but it is important as a consumer to not get too caught up in this part of the process.

Heat energy is used either under the skin, from on top of the skin or both. For over 5 years physicians have been talking about devices like SmartLipo which will "shrink wrap" the skin by using heat from a laser under the skin. There are many new non-invasive devices that heat and shrink the skin externally. These devices typically use RF (Radio Frequency) energy or Ultrasound energy to perform this task. Popular examples of these technologies are Venus Freeze and Vaser Shape.

Dr. Robert H.Burke, director of the Michigan Center for Cosmetic Surgery says, "In my practice, a customized approach involving controlled heating under the skin provides the optimal aesthetic results. However, there is no one approach that can be used for all patients."

Dr.Burke's approach will be featured at the 29th annual American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) meeting January 2013 in Las Vegas titled: Customized Body Sculpting for Optimal Aesthetic Results during Body Contouring and Sculpting Symposium.

When consulting with a physician for any medical procedure it is important to understand that you are buying a result and not a technique. "Brush selection" is as important to an artist as the devices and technologies are to the surgeon. The doctor's ability to consistently deliver a result, the downtime and the risks are more important variables than if the doctor is using 5 watts or 15. The doctor is a sculptor, not a wrecking ball.