New Systematic Approach Helps Cosmetic Surgeon Personalize Treatment For Each Patient


Rejuvalift (TM), a new approach in analyzing patients from Dr. Robert Burke, is helping patients get customized care

Countless factors contribute to the less desirable appearance that comes with age or weight gain. The combination and severity of these factors is different for each patient. So how can one-size-fits-all treatment plans be best for everyone? They can't. Consider, as an example, the 4 conditions that Dr. Robert Burke found contribute to aging changes in the face and neck after studying many patients he has treated.

Volume Loss

This occurs over time and usually follows a specific pattern, depending on your body type and weight. Often there is hollowing of the cheek and the appearance of lines along the face and mouth. Later, the lower eye region appears puffy and there is a circular line below the lower eyelid region just above the cheek. Jowliness begins to appear. Lastly, the lateral region of the upper eyelids sag as hollowness appears in the temple region.

Skin Photoaging

The color, texture, glow of the skin fade and become irregular. Lines appear: between the eyes, around the eyes, in the upper lip. Skin begins to hang and becomes loose and thin.

Underlying Structure Differences

Differences and asymmetries between the right and left sides of the face are more noticeable.


With age, bands appear in the upper neck and become more prominent over time as the skin loosens.

With the complexities of these issues, developing a customized approach for any one person can be difficult. Dr. Robert Burke has developed Rejuvalift? , an outpatient procedure which specifically addresses individual needs for each patient. He has targeted the jowl-neck region, the face, and skin aging but has also seen favorable results with this process when used on other problem areas like the upper arms (see photo). Using aesthetic analysis aided by digital computer imaging, a customized plan is developed for each patient.

More results of Rejuvalift procedure
This Real Patient Received Rejuvalift on Face and Chin Implant by Dr. Burke

The Rejuvalift? analysis includes digital imaging of these areas to help you with the individualized treatment plan that works best for you. Dr. Burke adds that the analysis helps determine a plan that is "both within your time constraints and budget considerations." Tackling each of the four areas above means more complete and satisfying results for each unique case.
Dr. Burke uses Rejuvalift procedure on arms
Actual Results of Dr. Burke's Rejuvalift Procedure

The Rejuvalift? is performed as an outpatient procedure in Dr. Burke's AAAHC accredited surgical facility, usually with conscious sedation and local anesthesia which is monitored during the procedure for optimum safety.