Four Options For Sparse Eyebrows


Professional approaches to fixing thin brows, from using NeoGraft for hair grafting to permanent makeup

Thin eyebrows can really make an impact on your face and your self esteem as well. Recently, The Doctors discussed multiple ways to fill in your brows depending on preference or sparseness.

Neograft, the extracting of existing healthy hair follicles from your body and embedding them in the desired area, produces natural-looking results that last. Neograft doctors say there is no scarring, no numbness, no pain and very low recovery time. Neografting would be suitable for those needing to actually fill in a noticeable thinness in brows.

Options for Thinning Eyebrows
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If your budget doesn't allow for grafting, semi-permanent tattoos or permanent makeup may be your solution. Semi-permanent tattoos offer results typically lasting from one to three years.

Finally, don't under-estimate the power of makeup. If you are just beginning to notice the thinning, there is an art and science to applying your makeup that can really make your brows appear shapely and healthy.

Of course the most popular medical spa product for lashes is Latisse. Available only by prescription, Latisse may be used daily for 12 weeks to grow thicker, longer and darker eyelashes. Applicators can only be used once and possible side effects are people with light eyes may experience iris discoloration. After 12 weeks, most patients taper off daily usage and use 2-3 times a week to maintain their eyelashes. Cost is approximately $120.