Target Your Least Favorite Body Parts with These Muscle Building Exercises


You may not be able to target body fat, but you can target areas for growth. The targeted resistance exercises can target your weak spots and build them into assets.

No Calves

There are only a few exercises to help calves and you'll have to use as much weight as you can without hurting yourself. First, do a drop set starting with your body-weight on the standing calf press. That means you start with 10 calf presses with your body weight and continue to drop the weight and do them to failure until you get to the very least amount. For example, 10 with 115, drop to 95 and do 6, drop to 75 and do 6, drop to 55 and do 5. You get the point. Then stretch your calves. We apologize ahead of time for the days of soreness. You'll thank us later.
Targeted Muscle Building Exercises

Pancake Butt

If there is absolutely no difference between your back and your legs, that's a pancake butt. Barbell squats are a tried and true way to stimulate growth in the entire glute area. We recommend the smith machine. Using a low but still challenging weight, stand with the bar on your shoulders and your feet directly under you. Push the weight off the rack and squat down as low as you can. Focus on sitting back so your knees don't fall over your ankles. Breathe in as you go down and out as you go up. Complete 3 sets of 12 of these babies and you'll have a nice backside yet.

The Drop Booty

Let us clarify. If you do have a nice bottom, but wish you had more lift at the top, you've got a drop booty. Cable kickbacks can help. Find the cross cable machine and put the arms all the way to the bottom notch. Stand facing the cable machine and put one put in the grip. Stand perfectly straight, but you can grab the machine for support. Slowly extend the leg in the grip as far back as you can without bending your back or your knee. Keep your toe pointed. You'll feel this in your upper glutes. Complete 3 sets of 10 on each leg.

The Flabby Chest

We're talking about that annoying little loose piece of skin between your bust area and your arm that shows anytime you rest your arms by your sides and don't wear sleeves. You can solve this in a jiff by adding cable flyes to your gym routine. Simply find the cross cable machine, and level the cable arms with your shoulders. Grab both grips. Start with your arms stretched out as if you were reaching for a hug, which will actually be the resting position in this exercise, and pull the grips together until your hands are almost touching. Do 3 sets of 15 of these and your chest will be tight and toned in no time.