Friday Fact or Fiction: A Low Carb Diet is The Only Way to Get Really Lean


If you want to be in the best shape of your life aim for a long term, healthy and sustainable diet, not some trendy fad diet that you can't go the distance with.

There is nothing wrong with attempting to limit or even restrict carb intake because most of us eat way too many on a daily basis. However, dangerously low carb diets are not the only way to get really lean. In fact, they're not even the best way. If you want to be in the best shape of your life, pay attention.

Low Carb Diet for Getting Really Lean?

First, we're going to make a broad analogy to help you understand how important your mentality will be in the success of your diet. There are two kinds of dieters in the world just as there are two kinds of runners: sprinters and marathoners. Sprinters in this sense choose the hard, but quick route. These are our low-carb dieters. They are able to endure weeks without carbs to make it to a certain body fat percentage by a certain date. Bodybuilders and competitors often do this. Marathoners (long-term dieters) choose a year-round moderately strict diet. They still reach the destination, just more slowly. These are our vegans, organic-shoppers, and just generally healthy eaters. They still enjoy their favorite foods occasionally and in moderation.

Which is best? You must ask yourself how important is it really that you get lean quick? That wedding you're desperate to sport a tiny dress to will only last for one day. You have to be brutally honest with yourself and realize that 99% of us will jump off the cliff into a pool of glutton the second that wedding is over. Then you're back at square one. Sprints are exhausting and unnecessary. A marathon may seem like a long distance but you have time. Your sanity is more important than one day. So put the "I need to be ripped for spring break" type dreams out of your mind.

Now that you're no longer sprinting, take off your running shoes and put on something comfy. In the real world with a less torturesome diet, you can walk. It's not just that low-carbing is uncomfortable and impractical. Even if you could stick to this sort of diet long enough to see results, it's not healthy. You will be low on energy, have trouble thinking, and throw your body into shock. You need complex carbs like potatoes and rice for long-term energy to get through your day, and simple carbs like fruit to give you a boost before and after your workouts. Let's not forget that vegetables are fibrous carbs you need to stay regular and attain vitamins and minerals you simply can't get elsewhere.

Don't make the mistake of harming your body internally so you can look how you think you should externally. A healthy, marathon type diet and consistent exercise will keep you lean year round and you'll never have to sprint for spring break again. Begin right now and give yourself a head start on the rest of your life.