Give Yourself A New Butt With The Fab Four


Not to be confused with a phone plan, The Fab Four will get you a tighter and more toned derriere using only a stability ball. Add these 4 exercises to your regular workout routine and you'll be flaunting your new backside in no time!

There is a seldom a woman who does not wish to improve upon her rear end. For those of us who secretly long for a tighter, more toned tush, there is good news - it's not out of reach! Introducing The Fabulous Four, 4 of the best tightening, toning, lifting moves for a beautiful butt. Get this workout in two times a week and get the results you want this year. All you need is a stability ball and you're ready to get started!

4 butt exercises
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Make sure you stretch out thoroughly before you start. A quick jog or brisk walk are great ways to warm up your legs before starting The Fabulous Four.

  1. Stability Ball Wall Squat

    Place the ball against the wall and stand with your shoulder blades against it. You can hold your hands out in front of you for balance. Bend your knees while keeping the ball balanced between your shoulder blades, until your hamstrings are parallel with the ground and then hold for two counts. Resume a standing position while rolling the ball against the wall between your shoulder blades, and repeat for 3 sets of 10.

  2. Wall Lunge

    Once again using the ball to stabilize yourself, stand with your legs straight below you. Step with one foot in front of you and bend your knee until the extended hamstring is parallel with the ground. Push from your ankle to pull the extended leg back into a standing position. Alternate legs for 3 sets of 10.

  3. Stability Ball Split Squat

    This move is similar to the wall lunge, only we're subtracting the wall and you will have to stabilize your leg on the ball. Stand with the ball behind you and place one leg back onto the ball with your shin resting on it. You'll want to position your free leg far enough forward so that you can perform a lunging motion comfortably without letting your knee fall over your ankle.

    Squat down with that one leg until your hamstring is parallel with the ground and then push from your heel to resume a standing position. Complete 10 reps on this leg and then repeat on the alternate leg. Use your arms to keep your balance. Holding onto a wall is helpful for beginners.

  4. Stability Ball Hip Thrusts

    Set up a mat in front of a wall. Place the ball at the end of the mat that touches the wall and lie on your back with your head on the opposite end. Rest your heels on the ball and place your palms on the ground next to your hips. Using your heels and core (not your hands) raise your hips into a right angle with the ball and the ground. Your body should form a diagonal straight line with the ball. Slowly lower hips to the floor, controlling movements with your core muscles. Do not bounce or use the floor for momentum. Complete 3 sets of 10.

With only a stability ball and some perseverance, you'll have a tighter tush in no time!