Finding The Perfect Workout Partner


You do not have to reach your weight loss goals alone - finding the perfect workout partner can help you lose weight effectively and best of all, it'll be fun!

It's a new year and we've all set our resolutions - for many, one of which is to lose weight. Working out with a partner can take your fitness to the next level. Friends are good for motivation and pushing you out of your comfort zone in all aspects of life - it is duly important to take these desirable characteristics into consideration when selecting the right workout partner.

how to find your perfect workout partner
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First off, you will want to choose a partner who is either equal or slightly better than you - as far as being in shape goes. As much as we all love to help a friend, working out with someone who has never worked out before will be more like a free training session for them than a workout for you. By picking a friend who is either equal or in slightly better shape than you, both of you benefit by keeping a pace together.

You will need a partner who can keep up with your current fitness level and even better, can push you to go even further. That way, they will keep improving as you do and you can both make progress at the same time. Neither party will be holding the other back, only propelling each other forward.

Secondly, avoid Debbie Downers. Stay away from your grouchy friend with low self-esteem who thinks diet pills are the best way to lose weight and that skinny people are all anorexics - she may be a friend but she will not be the best choice for a workout partner. You most certainly do not want someone who complains the entire time or makes negative comments about themselves and you. Losing weight is hard enough but if you are committed, it is best to have supportive and positive influences surrounding you.

Since we're all in the same boat of trying to lose weight, try to set a good example for your friend by being supportive and positive for her. However, in the search for your workout partner, you want someone who is going to uplift and not drag you down.

Last, make sure your workout partner is reliable. You definitely don't want to show up at the gym planning to work out with a friend and end up waiting all night for a no show. Or the friend who does show? two hours later. At that point, you are impatient, irritated, hungry and definitely not in a mood that is conducive to a good workout. After all, who wants to wait around to work out when they've so carefully prepared for to do so immediately?

Choose someone dependable that you know will keep their word. Your friend that is always fashionably late and perpetually "busy" is not the best candidate. After all, you can't benefit from a workout that never happens. In this case, it's not a partnership, but more of a solo act. So be sure to find someone who is reliable and on time and if will be late, will contact you before your scheduled workout to let you know.

In many ways, choosing the right workout partner is almost like choosing the right mate. There are plenty of variables to consider but above all, you need someone strong, supportive, dependable and able to motivate you to become better. It is also highly important that you keep these traits that you are searching for in mind as you will also have to perform in this fashion in return. A workout friend means you get to be that supportive and motivational person to someone else as well! Find that friend and invite them to embark on a fitness journey to make positive changes this year - it will bring you closer to each other and your new year's resolutions!