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Best Overall Patient Enhancement At THE Aesthetic Academy Awarded To Dr. Adil Ceydeli


A combination of surgical procedures wins Best Overall Patient Enhancement at THE Aesthetic Academy (TAA) for Dr. Adil Ceydeli, reshaping his patient's entire body, post gastric bypass surgery.

At the annual Aesthetic Academy (TAA) practice development seminar held in Miami, FL at The EPIC Hotel, the first ever Aesthetic Awards Miami honored the best results in southern Florida's aesthetic industry. Spanning both surgical and non-surgical categories, many results were submitted online however, only one practice was selected in each of the top 5 categories to be awarded the prestigious title of Best Results for facial, body or overall enhancement.

This year's Best Overall Patient Enhancement Award was conferred to double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Adil Ceydeli for his transformative results with his patient who previously underwent the Gastric Bypass Surgery. Dr. Ceydeli, who specializes in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, was one of "2007 Guide to America's Top Plastic Surgeons" by Consumers' Research Council of America and has been featured in several editions of Who's Who? in America.

The Short Scar Breast Lift takes approximately 2.5 hours as an outpatient procedure and results are immediate post-op.
- Dr. Adil Ceydeli

In the case that won Dr. Ceydeli the award, his patient initially contacted him after successfully undergoing gastric bypass surgery. Because the patient had lost a massive amount of weight, she had a tremendous amount of excessive, loose skin that manifested in deflated/deformed breasts and body. Upon consulting with the patient, one of the first procedures that Dr. Ceydeli recommended was a breast lift, which would restore balance and lift the breasts back to where they were originally.

"We performed a short scar breast lift with auto augmentation using the patient's axillary tissue, without the use of implants," describes Dr. Ceydeli, "We decided not to use implants since she had significant skin laxity but not enough tissue coverage which could cause implant displacement which could result in an unnatural look."
dr. adel ceydeli breast lift panama city
Dr. Adil Ceydeli wins
Best Overall Body Enhancement
Award at THE Aesthetic Academy

Dr. Ceydeli typically performs the Short Scar Breast Lift technique, as opposed to the traditional "anchor shape scar" technique since the procedure requires shorter and smaller scars while delivering a more natural and fuller look. "For this patient, the Short Scar Breast Lift was the best suited for her situation," Dr. Ceydeli explains, "The excess skin and fat tissue under the armpits were used as opposed to an implant to augment the breast, which in turn gave her a more natural look and feel."

According to Dr. Ceydeli, the patient did not have enough tissue coverage due to the significant amount of weight lost so the introduction of implants would not have had enough coverage to properly mask the implants, making them easily visible and palpable. By choosing the Short Scar Breast Lift, the patient would benefit from a fuller and rounder result with minimal scarring.

The Short Scar Breast Lift takes approximately 2.5 hours as an outpatient procedure and results are immediate post-op, becoming more natural looking within 4 weeks after the breasts settle and scars fade. After undergoing the Short Scar Breast Lift, the patient was ecstatic and expressed she had never felt that good before. She has since returned to finish her look with an Arm Lift and Tummy Tuck.