Top 10 Fitness Holiday Gifts For 2011


The holidays are nearly here and you have no idea what to get for the people in your life. Here is a list of the top 10 fitness gifts that will be sure to get people moving, fit and healthy for the upcoming year!

Christmas will be here before we know it - this year, give a gift that really does keep on giving - the gift of fitness. Here are 10 nifty gifts to give away this holiday season to keep your friends and family fit throughout the year.

top 10 fitness gifts
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  1. Fitness Video Games
    Popular video game consoles such as the Nintedo Wii and the Xbox 360 have amazing fitness video games that the whole family can participate in. The newest technology is the Kinect available for the Xbox 360, which senses the player's actual movements through a webcam, ensuring proper form for exercises and easier interaction between console and player without the need of a controller. Fitness video games allow you to get fit while spending time and having fun with your family!

  2. Gym Membership
    This is an especially great gift for family or spouses. Many gyms offer discounts for family packages so you can just add onto your current membership or start a membership together. Then you can share your fitness journey with the people you love.

  3. Personal Training Package
    A personal trainer is well worth it and can really help in getting people to exercise regularly, lose weight or just to motivate. If you have a friend or family member who would love someone to help them get in shape, but is too shy or can't afford it - this is a great opportunity to be the bearer of good news.

  4. Fitness Class Passes
    Most classes are free at gyms if you have a membership, but some classes such as martial arts or pole dancing have a fee. You can buy a couple trial passes for about the cost of a sweater (who needs another one of those again) and either go together or encourage them to try something new and fun while getting fit.

  5. Private Lessons
    We could all use a refresher from time to time. Be it tennis, ballet, skiing or swimming, private lessons can be a great way to help your friends get back into the swing of their favorite sports or leisure activities. One-on-one training will help them feel more at ease and get them back to where they were faster. They will appreciate the thoughtfulness and enjoy having fun in a new but in some ways, old way.

  6. Heart Rate Monitor
    For your favorite fitness enthusiast, heart rate monitors can help them take their workouts to the next level. They're great for those trying to lose weight or just get in better shape. Depending on how much you want to spend, there are affordable options starting at about $20.

  7. Bike
    If they've fallen off their bike, it may be time to help them back on. And it's true what they say, you never do forget how to ride a bike. Grown-up versions of the ten speed are available for that nostalgic tickle while helping them get fit. Or try a Cruiser for a more comfortable and easy ride for those who haven't ridden a bike since well, they were a kid.

  8. Workout Clothes
    With the holidays nearly upon us, hot sales will make giving workout clothes affordable and easy. Many stores will have matching sets, taking the guesswork out of what goes with which. Sometimes fashion is a great motivator to get moving. After all, who wants to wear grungy tee-shirts and shorts with holes in them to work out?

  9. Running/ Training Shoes
    Who doesn't love a new pair of shoes? Check out some cute and comfy new training shoes and give them to your friend or family member as a gift. Both guys and girls will enjoy having some new foot gear and a reason to get out of the house and into shape!

  10. At Home Workout Equipment
    There are a myriad of affordable gift ideas at the local sporting goods store. Pull-ups bars, exercise balls, free weights and compactible dumbbells are only a few of the potential gifts you can give. Not everyone can make it to the gym so help your friends by bringing fitness to them!

Of course, when giving a gift, it is the thought that counts the most. Make sure to pay attention to what your friend on family member's interests are so you don't offend them by suggesting that they need to get in shape. Approach the situation delicately or even better, suggest that you go together! Not only will you get to spend time with them, you'll be getting fit together.