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Get Rid Of Crow's Feet With Pelleve?


Non-surgical facial rejuvenation with wrinkle buster Pelleve may offer patients an option to address Crow's Feet and other wrinkles on the face.

Wrinkles, crinkles, creases, Crow's feet - by any name, a wrinkle is still a wrinkle: it's a fold in the skin caused by your environment, sun damage and just plain ol' aging. The ongoing trend in aesthetic medicine is patients seeking treatments or procedures that do not look "overdone" but instead, only knocking a few years off or looking the best they can for their age. As such, there are now completely non-surgical treatments that while do not deliver results similar to surgery, can help patients look younger and better - all without going under the knife.

pelleve before after photos
Actual Pelleve Results on Eyes and Cheeks, Post 3 Treatments

One such procedure, Pelleve, which was recently seen on The Doctors, offers patients a natural and refreshed look. Completely non-surgical, Pelleve delivers radiofrequency energy to the deeper layers of the skin to address wrinkles, in particular Crow's Feet around the eyes. During treatment, radiofrequency energy is gradually increased and patients have reported the procedure is painless and feels more like a warm massage than anything else.

As we age, collagen and elastin break down at a faster rate than our bodies can replenish them. According to Scientific American, people produce 1% less collagen each year following the age of 20. This results in thinner more fragile and looser skin, making wrinkles more evident. Pelleve works by stimulating the growth of collagen and elastin, the two components which are responsible for keeping skin smooth, supple and firm.
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Actual Pelleve Results on Eyes, Post 2 Treatments

According to Ann Arbor cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert Burke, "Pelleve actually causes skin to tighten. Patients will actually see an immediate result but it's not the final result." FDA cleared in 2009 for the treatment of mild to moderate wrinkles, Pelleve also offers skin tightening results. Dr. Burke says, "Initially, Pelleve heats the skin in the sub-dermal level and stimulates the skin the tighten up but final results will be apparent in a few months as the body produces more collagen and elastin."

Since Pelleve causes the body to stimulate natural collagen and elastin growth, most patients require 1-3 treatments spaced a month apart. For long term maintenance, additional treatments may be necessary. Depending on treatment area and how many areas, the procedure takes about 30-60 minutes to complete
pelleve before after results
Actual Pelleve Results, Post 2 Treatments

Since there is no downtime associated with Pelleve, many physicians will combine Pelleve with other procedures to offer better results. For example, Dr. Burke often combines Pelleve with Sculptra as a facelift alternative. "We use the Sculptra to restore lost volume and Pelleve to tighten the skin and address wrinkles," he says, "Because two things happen as we age: we lose fat and volume in our faces and skin no longer tightens quiet as much." Combining the two procedures offers patients better results, resulting in a more youthful appearance without appearing overdone.