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The Pelleve Face Lift


Dr. Doris Day discusses the 30 minute skin tightening treatment on Dr. Oz

On today's Doctor Oz show featuring "Age Erasers", Dr Doris Day introduces an alternative to an actual face lift, the new Pelleve 30 minute treatment to tighten skin. The small radio frequency (RF) device from Pelleve greatly reduces the appearance of wrinkles and requires just a few minutes for treatment. Dubbed "The Wrinkle Wand," physicians and patients are seeing improvement in just two treatments.

Dr. Day describes the procedure as painless, fast, done in the office, no downtime... good results in just two treatments.

Fine lines, wrinkles and loose skin are a fact of aging, but scientific breakthroughs in recent years have led to advanced methods of skin tightening - helping reverse these signs of aging. Patients now have options that spare them expense and pain of surgical procedures such as facelifts and offer lasting results. Pelleve is one of the latest skin tightening treatments to hit the market and many patients and physicians are singing its praises.

Dr. Thomas Barnes, a cosmetic surgeon who offers Pelleve in Orange County California says "I have used many other skin tightening technologies, including Thermage, unlike these other technologies there is no discomfort, only a soothing effect. I have had Pelleve performed on myself."

Pelleve Before and After Photo on Doctor Oz
Actual Pelleve Results by Dr. Doris Day, courtesy of www.doctoroz.com

By using radio frequency (RF) to stimulate collagen growth, Pelleve makes skin appear tighter and more youthful. "The magic of this device is that it heats up the skin, but it does so very gently," says Dr. Robert Burke, a cosmetic surgeon who offers Pelleve in Ann Arbor, MI. Dr. Burke states an added bonus is the RF energy from this device is so gentle, patients report little to no pain, and don't have a long period of downtime following treatment. "There is no patient discomfort, there's no healing, there's nothing you need to do special. I couldn't think of anything that's easier."