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Age Defying Tips: Tighten Skin with Pelleve


Pelleve, sometimes called the "Magic Wand" because of its small size, tightens skin without pain or downtime.

Gravity wins out over beauty unfortunately and over time, skin begins to sag lose its elasticity. Advancements in cosmetic procedures have made it possible to tighten skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sagging without undergoing surgery. Pelleve is a new device that uses radio frequency (RF) to improve skin without any downtime or discomfort.

pelleve skin tightening
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"Pelleve is a radio frequency unit," describes Dr. Thomas Barnes who offers Pelleve in Orange County. "The power is delivered in a very special, brand new way to help decrease wrinkles, tighten the skin all over the face - especially around the eye area and the smile lines of the face - in a matter of minutes." He says that there's a small module applied to the skin and it warms, stimulating the growth of new collagen.

Pelleve treatment is pain free and fast, according to Dr. Barnes. "This device can tighten the skin without any pain or discomfort and requires no preparation with numbing creams whatsoever. Patients just go right into their doctor's office and he or she does the treatment over your skin." He says that to treat the whole face, it only takes about 40-45 minutes and only 10-15 minutes to treat the eyes. "Not only do we help wrinkling, it also decreases pore size, brings out a better texture, and a better appearance to the skin," describes Dr. Barnes.

Multiple treatments are needed to get the best results. Patients have one treatment per month for 3-5 months and they can see a big difference in their skin for a healthier and more refreshed look. Compared to all of the other options in skin tightening that patients have available, Dr. Barnes says "I find that the Pelleve is the most comfortable to go through and it actually puts you to sleep. Its gentle warming feels like a massage of the facial skin."

How much does Pelleve cost? Dr. Barnes says patients can expect to pay $500-$750 for the eye area per treatment and $750-$1000 for the full face, also per treatment. Some physicians are offering introductory pricing and discounts on packages of treatment.