Venus Swan: Pain-Free And Faster Treatment For Wrinkles?


Recently FDA cleared, the Venus Swan may offer patients a quicker and painless option to erase their wrinkles.

There are many devices and procedures in the market to treat the signs of aging, whether it's skin tightening or smoothing out lines with facial fillers, it seems there is a tool for every condition. A recent addition to the toolbox, the Venus Swan, has been granted FDA clearance for the treatment of facial wrinkles and rhytides.

venus swan wrinkles
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From the makers of the Venus Freeze, the Venus Swan combines multi-polar radio frequency (RF) energy with magnetic pulse in their (MP)? Technology to offer patients a noninvasive option to rejuvenate their skin. According to the manufacturer, Venus Concept, the Venus Swan addresses a variety of aesthetic indications, including facial and body treatments. The FDA clearance for wrinkle treatment will allow physicians to use the device off-label for other indications for the body and face.

Completely non-invasive, the Venus Swan incorporates ergonomic hand pieces to reduce physician fatigue and utilizes the (MP)? technology to deliver uniform energy to the patient. (MP)? which stands for Multi Polar Magnetic Pulses combines two modalities: Pulsed Magnetic Fields and Radio Frequency energy to increase the production of collagen and elastin in the skin.

Pulsed Magnetic Fields (PMF), which has been approved by the FDA to treat many clinical disorders including inflammation to pain management, is used in the Venus Swan to add electrical currents to the cell membranes. By changing the electrical potential of the cells, PMF may increase collagen production.

There are many aesthetic devices that are based on radio frequency (RF) energy including Exilis and Pelleve and the premise remains the same with The Venus Swan. Uniform RF energy is delivered to the skin to generate heat that triggers the natural wound healing process, including the formation of new collagen and elastin while causing skin to contract as well.

According to the manufacture, the Venus Swan combines both of these modalities to tighten skin, improve the tone and texture of skin from the inside out. The Venus Swan is non-surgical and may offer patients a pain-free, faster way to address their signs of aging, in particular, wrinkles.