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The Venus Lift: New Stem Cell Fat Transfer For Better Results?


By combining Plasma Rich Platelet (PRP) and additional stem cells to harvested fat to be grafted, a more effective and longer lasting fat transfer may be possible with the Venus Lift.

A natural filler, fat removed by liposuction can be harvested and re-injected into virtually anywhere on the body. Fat transfer procedures have been available for many years however, one of the main challenges was getting transferred fat to survive in it's new location. New technology and techniques have revived the fat transfer procedure, increasing fat survival rates and offer patients a non-synthetic option to add volume to the face, hands, buttocks and breasts.

venus lift
Actual Facial Venus Lift Results of Dr. Thomas Barnes

Developed by Newport Beach cosmetic surgeon Dr. Thomas Barnes, the Venus Lift is a fat transfer in which the fat to be grafted is enriched with the patient's own restorative PRPs and stem cells. According to Dr. Barnes, "By adding these natural healers (PRPs and stem cells) to fat that is to be transferred, we can get a much faster heal and less swelling. That is our belief and we can get a better longer lasting result."

Already commonly used to treat sports injuries, the potential healing power of Platelet Rich Plasma is now being explored for use in cosmetic surgery. The extraction of PRPs is actually quite simple: blood drawn from the patient is placed in a centrifuge to cause the denser red blood cells to separate from the plasma which is rich in healing platelets.

PRP can then be injected into the skin or applied topically to address signs of aging. "PRP injections can help decrease pore size, reduce wrinkles, and speed up healing," states Dr. Barnes, "Platelet Rich Plasma not only promotes acute healing, it also rejuvenates skin and tissues."
venus lift
Actual Venus Lift Hand Rejuvenation by Dr. Thomas Barnes

While studies on the effect of stem cells are still inconclusive, many experts believe stem cells can greatly increase the survival rate of transferred fat due to it's unique and adaptive ability. Dr. Barnes, who specializes in cell therapy and has performed fat transfers since 1995, created the Venus Lift, which is a super charged fat graft by enriching autologous fat which is already rich in stem cells with extra stem cells and adding PRPs. Using only 3 tablespoons of body fat, Dr. Barnes says he adds millions of healing cells to the fat that is to be transferred. Combined with platelets from the blood, Dr. Barnes believes the super-charged fat not only improves the appearance of the skin, the Venus Lift may also increase the longevity of final results.
venus lift
Actual Venus Buttocks Lift Results of Dr. Thomas Barnes

"The Venus Lift makes skin appear more youthful, tightens pores, and decreases wrinkles," describes Dr. Barnes, "The fat transfer lasts longer and heals faster. We typically perform the Venus Lift on the face but we can also rejuvenate the back of the hands by covering up veins and to increase volume in the buttocks vs. a traditional buttock augmentation."