Effective Products To Cover Up Vitiligo


Severe skin conditions such as vitiligo or port wine stains can now be effectively covered up with heavy-duty but breathable products such as Microskin or Oxygenetix.

The skin is the largest organ in the body: encompassing several layers, only the epidermis or the top layer, is visible to the naked eye. Often, people with skin conditions may have symptoms that manifest in severe discoloration ranging from small areas to very large, making it difficult to hide their condition. Traditional treatment may include surgery, fractional laser resurfacing, Intense Pulsed Light Treatment, or heavy concealer-type makeup with no staying power. However, new breathable cover-up options have become available and may offer patients with severe skin conditions sufficient coverage that won't easily rub off.

Microskin Results for Vitiligo
Microskin Results For Vitiligo

Recently seen on The Doctors, patients who suffer from vitiligo now have a more customized and effective way to cover up discoloration of their skin. Vitiligo is a skin condition in which the immune system begins to destroy the cells that create melanin, or the pigment of skin - causing permanent color loss in small or large patches of skin. Although more visible on darker skin, vitiligo may affect all skin types.

There has been some success with treating vitiligo with the excimer laser but treatments are costly and best suited for localized vitiligo. Microskin, which originated from Australia, is an innovative customized cover-up for patients who have vitiligo or other skin conditions such as severe rosacea, port-wine stains, or large birthmarks. Using a computer scan of the patient's affected and non-affected skin, a customized color correction shade is created specifically for the patient. The unique shade and formula may be applied with a sponge or with an airbrush technique and once dried, Microskin is waterproof and allows the skin to breathe.

According to the New York spokesperson, "Microskin doesn't come off when they hug people, it doesn't come off when they sleep or even when they swim. On the legs, we've had people get coverage for up to 2 weeks, including normal activities such as showering, swimming and sleeping." Since Microskin actually bonds to the epidermis, creating a "simulated second skin," as skin naturally sheds, Microskin sheds along with it.

Also useful as an alternative to laser tattoo removal, Microskin is only available at the flagship store in New York. However, Microskin consultants have scheduled temporary travel clinics in major cities across the nation in which they can meet with patients who have expressed interest in the product. The consultation fee is $150 which is then credited back to their purchase of Microskin. Depending on the method the patient chooses, sponge or airbrush, cost ranges from $700-$1,800 and depending on how large of an area is being covered, the product can last between 6 months to a year. Included in the cost is the consultation, skin scan, training on how to use the product, equipment, and of course, the patient's customized Microskin shade. Click here for more information on how Microskin can be used to treat vitiligo.
oxygenetix review
Oxygenetix on Right Half of Patient's Face
After Laser Procedure

Another option for patients who suffer from uneven skin tone is Oxygenetix. Originally created as a breathable foundation for patients to cover up redness after undergoing an aesthetic procedure, Oxygenetix offers heavier coverage that is also waterproof. Available in 10 different shades, the foundations may be blended for a more customized shade. According to the manufacturer, applying the oxygenating foundation over the oxygenating moisturizer creates a "virtual second skin." The suggested retail price for Oxygenetix is $80 per bottle which typically lasts between 1-2 months.

According to creator and president of Oxygenetix, Barry Knapp "Oxygenetix is a breathable foundation that camouflages and conceals a variety of skin conditions including vitiligo, rosacea, age spots, and melasma." Coverage typically lasts for at least 10 hours and Oxygenetix is available nationwide at thousands of dermatologists' and aesthetic physicians' offices.

Since most insurance companies consider skin conditions such as vitiligo and port wine stains to be cosmetic in nature, they will not cover treatments such as IPLs, laser treatments or fractional resurfacing. Products such as Microskin and Oxygenetix offer patients a less time-consuming and less costly way to mask their skin conditions.