The Fab Five - Nature's Dream Team of Fat-Burning Foods


These naturally occurring 5 foods are not only excellent fat burners, they are extremely tasty - be sure to pick some up from the supermarket today!

There's no need to go out and waste money on "miracle pills" that are just about as effective toward weight loss as an all-day couch sitting marathon, not to mention the potential dangers of synthetic fat burners. Mother Nature provides us with all the fat burners we need to get in our best shape, if only we give her the chance. For those of you who have already read a thousand articles about fat burning foods, you can never have enough so here's some more. Try these 5 awesome fat burning foods to speed up your weight loss the natural way!

natural fat burner foods
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  1. Grapefruit In one study, eating half a grapefruit before each meal helped participants lose a pound a week without changing anything else about their diet. The author of the study, Ken Fujioki, MD, asserts that foods like grapefruits that help lower insulin levels in the body can help with weight loss. Bonus: Grapefruits are a great source of antioxidants, fighting free radicals and signs of aging. That means more life and less wrinkles!

  2. Cayenne Peppers These little firecrackers really pack a punch, and we're not just talking about the flavor! The University of Michigan Health System told that the heat cayenne peppers produce can temporarily elevate metabolism after eating. They may also steady your blood sugar levels by aiding the breakdown of carbohydrates after meals.

  3. Navy Beans Researchers at the University of Colorado say that eating navy beans and other foods likewise loaded with resistant starch with one meal a day can help you burn 25% more fat throughout the day.

  4. Pears Just one pear gives you 15% of your daily fiber. Nutrition published a study from the University of Rio de Janeiro whose results showed women who ate three pears a day consumed less calories throughout the day than those who did not.

  5. Honey It is true that just 1 tablespoon of honey contains about 17g of "sugar" but not all sugars are equal. The sugar that is found in honey is natural and full of minerals and vitamins that causes your body to work to metabolize it. Honey provides energy and is excellent for recovery from strenuous workouts. According to experts at, honey can help the body metabolite extra fat deposits so say yes to the sweet, just this once.
Out of all rows and rows of food you find in the supermarket, it is important to fill up with foods that actually benefit us, taste good and make us feel good. As more nutritional information has become readily available, we are finding out that food itself is not the enemy. It's our choices that make or break us so make educated decisions about what you're using to fuel your bodies!