3 Skin Tips To Looking Young


It's important to have a good skin care program to keep your skin looking it's best but are you doing all you can?

Before you spot your first wrinkle, you should have already have a skin care regime in place. The importance of taking care of your skin goes beyond looking your best, it also makes you feel better, have more self confidence, and makes you more healthy. You may have a system in place to care for your skin but are you doing the right things at the right time? Dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi visits the set of The Dr. Oz Show to share 3 secret skin tips to keep your skin looking younger for a longer time.

3 skin care tips
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  • It's All About Timing For Vitamin C and Retinol

    Like the millions of women out there, you probably already have different moisturizers and know that you should use specific types for morning and night. But do you know which one to use and when? According to Dr. Tanzi, products that have vitamin C should be used in the morning because they help protect the skin throughout the toils of the day: sun, pollution, and daily stresses. Vitamin C also helps prevent the break down of collagen so is best to use during the morning. Products with retinols, one of the only scientifically proven anti-wrinkle ingredients, are best used at night. Retinols stimulate collagen growth but is not active in the sun, being photo unstable. Remember: vitamin C in the AM, retinols in the PM!

  • Location, Location, Location of Your Sunblock

    Everyone knows that you should use daily moisturizers with a built-in sunscreen or sunblock. But are you reaching all the places that may be picking up inadvertent sun exposure while being unprotected? Be sure to use sunscreen as you would at the beach: make sure everything is covered. Key areas that are often overlooked are around the eyes, ears, neck chest, hairline and hands. The cumulative sun damage in these areas from being unprotected could not only speed up the aging process but increase your risk of skin cancer. Keep wrinkles and age spots at bay with adequate and complete sunblock coverage but if you already have them, contact your dermatologist for treatments such as IPL Therapy or Hand Rejuvenation.

  • The Right Amount Of The Right Stuff

    We've all suffered through it as teenagers: acne. It doesn't seem fair that as we get older, acne still seems to rear it's ugly head (pun fully intended). Dr. Tanzi says she sees patients who are anywhere from their 20s to 50s who come to her due to adult acne. In fact, up to 50% of women will suffer acne breakouts at some point in their adult lives. How to treat it? Certainly not with the products of your youth. Acne in teenagers occur due to puberty and require a much stronger benzoyl peroxide (5-10%) solution to treat their acne. For adults, a 2.5% benoyl peroxide solution is more than enough to treat adult acne breakouts. Products meant for teenage acne can prove too harsh for adult skin, causing it to dry out and increase inflammation, which only worsens the acne and speeds up aging. If the products fail, there are also more aggressive acne treatment options available.

Incorporated into your skin care program, these 3 tips will keep your skin looking younger and fresher and hopefully, stave off that trip to the dermatologist!