Popularity of Cosmetic Surgery For Male Patients On The Rise


Several factors are propelling male patients into doctors offices for cosmetic procedures - many of them major surgeries that were previously considered taboo.

As 2010 statistics are being released by The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) and by The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), many existing trends continue to crop up but a few unexpected new trends are also surfacing. A significant rise in cosmetic procedures for male patients has experts across the nation discussing the impetus, reasoning and rationale of this growing phenomenon.

male liposuction before after results
Actual Liposuction Results of Marina Plastic Surgery
Patient: Age 40, Liposuction to: Flanks

According to renowned board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Grant Stevens, there are many factors that contribute to the growing trend of male patients seeking cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery. Los Angeles liposuction surgeon Dr. Stevens has seen the rising trend of more males seeking aesthetic enhancement over the years. "We have seen an explosive increase in male plastic surgery and cosmetic plastic surgery," states Dr. Stevens, "Primarily it's liposuction, eyelid surgery, facial rejuvenation, and some cases of rhinoplasty." Dr. Stevens points out the areas that men are requesting liposuction are mainly in the chest, abdomen, and love handles or flanks. At Dr. Stevens' practice, Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, some men are also exploring noninvasive body contouring options such as the Zeltiq CoolSculpting, which uses cryoplipolysis to freeze spot fat.
male Eyelid Lift before after results
Actual Eyelid Lift Results of Marina Plastic Surgery
Patient: Age 62

One of the key factors that Dr. Stevens attributes to the boom in male interest in cosmetic surgery is related to the recession and how older men are fairing in their respective industries. "Some of the male patients that come in say 'I wear my resume on my face' and they're in the job market competing for jobs with younger men," describes Dr. Stevens, "I haven't heard that as much from female patients but a lot of men who come in and grab their jowls or turkey necks and say, 'I want to be competitive, I need a job, or I want to keep my job' and they'll ask me what I can do." By performing a facelift or neck lift, Dr. Stevens can take up to 15 years off their faces and male patients are signing up.
Actual Male Facial Rejuvenation before after results
Actual Facial Rejuvenation Results of Marina Plastic Surgery
Patient: Age 64, Eyelid Lift, Facelift, Forehead Lift, Browlift, Liposuction

Another factor that Dr. Stevens believes to be an impetus for males to seek cosmetic enhancement is the popularity and the media's portrayal of the procedures. "Men, not unlike women, are recognizing that elective aesthetic or cosmetic surgery is not something that is just for the affluent, the rich and movie stars," says Dr. Stevens. "There's an increase of awareness and desire for aesthetic plastic surgery across both sexes but I think the stigma associated with it is evaporating with all the reality TV shows and just television coverage of plastic surgery."

Dr. Stevens also discusses the phenomena of the "Graying of America." The large majority of the population are baby boomers who are approaching retirement age and they have discretionary funds to spend. "Frankly they don't want to look like Keith Richards, they may be Keith Richards' age but they certainly don't want to look much like Keith." At Dr. Stevens practice, Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, many of the baby boomers, both male and female, are coming in for cosmetic procedures, even in light of the recession and the economy's slow recovery.

With technology advancing daily, the lifting of stigma associated with undergoing plastic surgery and the growing reluctance to age gracefully, more and more patients, males included, are flocking to their plastic surgeons to turn back the clock.