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Natural Breast Augmentation Using Fat to Balance Breast Volume


Uneven breasts is a very common, yet embarrassing dilemma. Natural Breast Augmentation may offer the ideal solution to balance uneven breasts.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Leif Rogers explains on The Doctors today, fat transfer can be the ideal solution for correcting uneven breasts. Most women have breasts that are a slightly different size, but for some, this difference is dramatic and noticeable. Dr. Rogers says that if a woman wants to even out the size of her breasts, fat transfer may be the most ideal, and certainly the most natural solution.

The first step in Natural Breast Augmentation is to liposuction fat from areas such as the thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. It is imperative that the fat is removed as gently as possible as to not damage or disrupt fat cells. After removal, the fat cells are filtered to remove any blood or other materials and then placed into syringes. The pure fat cells are then placed where they're needed, referred to as a "fat transfer," via injection for a scarless result.

See Actual Before and After Photos of Natural Breast Augmenation

uneven breasts on the doctors
Actual Before and After Photos of Fat Transfer Breast Surgery
Photo courtesy of thedoctorstv.com

The benefits of breast augmentation using your own fat are:
  • No implants, uses your own fat to enlarge your breasts.
  • More subtle result, potentially provides added volume of 1-2 cup sizes.
  • Less pain and downtime than traditional breast implants.

Even newer and high tech options being investigated include Stem Cell Breast Augmentation. Stem cell breast augmentation is a very similar procedure that takes the extra step of separating the stem cells found in fat, concentrating them, and reintroducing them into the fat before it is injected into the breasts. The stem cells help the fat to better survive and establish their own blood supply and integrate into the breast for an improved result.