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Natural Breast Augmentation Offers Cleavage Enhancement


Using fat from the patient's own body, a Natural Breast Augmentation can enhance breast size and cleavage without the use of implants.

While Breast Augmentation with implants have been in existence since the 1950s, a new technique allows physicians to successfully use the patients own fat in lieu of a saline or silicone implants.

Natural Breast Augmentation
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There are many pros and cons to the different types of implants but this new technology offers patients the choice of having an all natural breast enhancement, without the inherent risks of placing a foreign object into the body.

One of the first in California to perform Natural Breast Augmentation, Dr. August Accetta, M.D., of the Accetta Institute of Cosmetic surgery in Huntington Beach, CA, says, "Women always ask 'Why can't I just take fat from my buttocks and thighs and put it where I need it the most, my breasts?" Dr. Accetta goes on to say, "Now they can. This new technique provides them with a natural alternative to breast implants, and during the procedure when fat is removed from other parts of the body it slims down their lower half at the same time."

After many years of careful research and after extensive surgical training, physicians can increase breasts up to one full cup size using fat that is transferred from another part of the body, using new and improved fat transfer techniques. Over time, the injected fat transitions into breast tissue and the results should last a lifetime.

According to Dr. Accetta, the first step in Natural Breast Augmentation is liposuction fat from areas such as the thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. It is imperative that the fat is removed as gently as possible as to not damage or disrupt fat cells. After removal, the fat cells are harvested and then placed into syringes. After which, Dr. Accetta re-injects the transferred fat into the breast tissue. "The goal is to not just fill up the breasts with fat, but rather carefully place the fat into the tissue in small increments at a time, so that the fat can attach itself into the breast tissue with the greatest blood supply and nutrients, enabling it to flourish and survive," says Dr. Accetta.
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"One of the other great things about this form of breast augmentation is that fat from the buttocks and thighs is fat that is generally resistant to diet and exercise," noted Dr. Accetta. "Therefore, if the patient loses weight, the breasts will retain the same size and shape after injection. If they gain weight, they are even happier because the breasts will generally get a little bigger too."

Generally speaking, saline and silicone implants should be removed and replaced every 10-15 years. With Natural Breast Augmentation, since there is no implant to remove and over 90% of the injected fat becomes the patients breast tissue, patients do not need to return to their surgeon for repeated surgeries. There are no scars or incisions associated with Natural Breast Augmentation and downtime is relatively short, approximately one week.

Dr. Accetta says, "This is the very first procedure to allow doctors to use everything nature gave us to help a woman obtain that perfect hourglass figure... naturally. Patients will be overjoyed that their breasts look and feel 100% natural."