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Moms Get Rid of Belly Fat and Loose Skin with Mommy Tuck


This tummy tuck procedure is designed with moms in mind and not only removes excess skin and fat but repairs the muscle as well.

After childbirth or weight loss, many people are left with an unattractive area of loose skin and fat around their stomach. Tummy tucks correct this problem by surgically cutting away the excess and tightening the stomach wall if necessary. Today on The Doctors, Jill Herzig, Editor-in-Chief of Redbook magazine, reveals that 88% more tummy tucks are being performed now than in 2000. Since many of those patients are moms, some are calling it the Mommy Tuck.

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Co-host Dr. Drew Ordon explains that in a tummy tuck procedure, the physician will make an incision down below the bikini line so that the scar can be easily hidden. The doctor also makes another incision that spans the navel to the bikini line. The surgeon then lifts the skin making two flaps and exposing the abdominal muscles underneath. After repairing the muscles and bringing the two sides together with a permanent stitch, the skin is brought back down over the muscle and is stretched so that the excess can be cut away. The doctor will reposition the belly button as needed and close the incisions.

Following surgery, there will be some drains implanted that the patient wears for a couple of days, and some pain and bruising can be expected. Healing times vary, but a couple of weeks out of commission is reasonable. Most patients can see their final result at about 6-8 weeks after a tummy tuck.

Dr. Ordon says that it's important to research your doctor to help ensure your safety. Your surgeon should be a board certified plastic surgeon with years of experience doing tummy tucks. Also, check that the surgery center is accredited and that the surgeon has privileges at a local hospital.

The Doctors suggest that moms who want to get rid of their post-baby belly consider a tummy tuck, but take the time to understand the risks and alternatives. They do say though that many women have self-esteem issues surrounding their stomachs and that regaining their bodies with a Mommy Tuck boosts confidence.