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Biggest Loser Reveals Plastic Surgery Results


Season 8 Biggest Loser winner Danny Cahill shows off his new body after having cosmetic surgery to remove his excess skin following an amazing 239 lb weight loss.

Last year Danny Cahill swept the record books with his amazing 239 lb weight loss on NBC's The Biggest Loser. It was the most lost in Biggest Loser history and accounted for a full 55.58% of his total starting weight gone. Danny lost this weight without any bariatric surgery and without pills, just calorie management and exercise.

As is common with weight loss, Danny still had a lot of excess skin hanging from his now fit frame. Shortly after his win he visited the set of The Doctors and cast member and board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon offered to perform cosmetic surgery on Danny to remove the excess skin from his abdomen and chest to help Danny really enjoy his new body. Today, Danny reveals his amazing post surgery results.

biggest loser before and after

Procedures like Danny's are common after weight loss because when someone loses upwards of 100 lbs, no matter how much work they do, they won't be able to get full contraction of their skin. For those will only a small amount of loose skin, laser lipo or Vaser may be the solution. They can not only have remaining excess fat removed, but many patients also experience skin contraction as the heat stimulates new collagen growth.

For other patients whose excess skin won't show much improvement with skin tightening, they may turn to skin removal procedures like Danny. Tummy tuck surgery will remove excess skin on the stomach. The surgeon makes an incision along the bikini line and literally cuts away the excess. He may have to realign the belly button for a better effect. Other similar procedures are thigh lifts and arm lifts which remove the excess skin from those areas. Also available are the more drastic body lifts which not only remove fat from the stomach but also stretch around to the back to take off fat there.