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A Tummy Tuck Alternative That Doesn't Require Major Surgery


The minimally invasive Awake Tummy Tuck removes fat, sculpts the abdomen, and may provide skin tightening - all without general anesthesia

Previously, major surgery such as the tummy tuck has been the only option for removing fat and excess skin in the abdominal area. While quite effective, traditional tummy tucks are performed under general anesthesia, which may mean added risks and costs. However, thanks to technological advances, a minimally invasive tummy tuck alternative is now available that combines tumescent anesthesia with local anesthesia - the Awake Tummy Tuck.

awake tummy tuck dr. robert burke
Actual Awake Tummy Tuck Results of Dr. Robert Burke

A traditional tummy tuck is typically performed in a hospital under general anesthesia. Ann Arbor Tummy Tuck provider, Dr. Robert Burke says, "Studies have shown many of the anesthetic agents actual come into our body's fat and then is slowly leaked out over time - so sometimes the anesthetic agent can stay in the body as long as a month. Some patients feel tired afterward and may have nausea for a while." By using a combination of tumescent and local anesthesia for the Awake Tummy Tuck, Dr. Burke says recovery is rapid, side effects and downtime are cut down significantly.

By using the tumescent solution, Dr. Burke says, "The solution keeps the bleeding down, provides anesthetic and allows you to safely dissect the tissue. So it provides cover for the patient and ease in doing the procedure as well as rapid recovery." An added benefit is the anesthetic says in the patient's system for the next 24 hours so patients only need minimal things for discomfort after the procedure.
tumescent tummy tuck dr. robert burke
Actual Awake Tummy Tuck Results of Dr. Robert Burke
There are several variations of The Awake Tummy Tuck and depending on the patient's body, each can be tailored to fit the patient's needs. Using liposculpture devices such as the Smartlipo or Vaser, the Awake Tummy Tuck eliminates the need for general anesthesia. Dr. Burke says, "An ideal candidate is a woman whose family is complete, they're close to their ideal weight with a body mass index under 30, and they're in good health."

Depending on the amount of fat and looseness of skin, Dr. Burke says the Awake Tummy Tuck can also minimize abdominoplasty scarring. By using liposculpture, the scar is smaller than a traditional tummy tuck because there is no skin removed. If a patient has a lot of excess skin, they may not be a candidate for the Awake Tummy and may have to consider the traditional tummy tuck to address remainder skin.

Another benefit of the Awake Tummy Tuck is skin tightening and toning that may occur from laser assisted liposculpture. "With a minimal degree of skin looseness, sometimes it will tighten and tone the surrounding skin. In my experience, it does provide additional skin retraction," states Dr. Burke, "People tell me the best thing is they get back to work fast and there is minimal disruption in their activity."