Treat Undereye Bags and Festoons


Laser skin resurfacing is used on Dr. Oz today to improve the appearance of under eye bags.

Bags and festoons under the eyes are a common aging problem. They can make you look tired and worn down, even though you feel great on the inside. In a new laser procedure, these bags can be fixed in a quick and easy procedure that requires nearly no downtime.

Dr. Adam Scheiner, a Tampa Bay laser eyelid and facial cosmetic surgeon, demonstrates the procedure today on The Dr. Oz Show. Using the Joule laser from Sciton, Dr. Scheiner is able to get down to the deep layers of skin and stimulate new growth from the bottom up.

First, Dr. Scheiner makes an incision on the inside portion of the lower eye lid. Through that incision, he's able to remove the fat pad from under the eye which is part of the bulge seen in the bags. He then uses an Erbium laser to resurface the skin.

In skin resurfacing, the physician is actually causing a wound to the skin. As the skin heals, new collagen grows and the skin is refreshed and free of sun damage and age spots. It's the more aggressive treatment compared to fractional resurfacing which also causes damage to the skin, but leaves spaces of healthy skin in between for faster healing.

According to Dr. Scheiner, the procedure isn't painful at all and patients heal quickly. Results should last for many years, assuming the patient stays away from sun damage. He says that to treat the festoons alone, it costs around $3000.

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Actual results of CO2 treatment
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