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Fraxel Laser Technology for Hands


Dr. Pilest, a Plastic Surgeon in Irvine (Orange County) California states that Fraxel Laser Technology can diminish age from sun damaged hands. Fraxel has been used to eliminate brown spots on hands, acne scars from the face, and hormonal melasma.

Orange County, Irvine, Calif. (PRWEB) July 12, 2005 -- Are your hands, neck and chest giving away your age?

Do you spend thousands of dollars on your face, only to be "told on" by the spotty crepe-paper skin on your hands and an aged neck or sun damaged chest?

Dr. Nissan Pilest in Irvine, Ca. says, "Keep your secrets, ladies. Fraxel is the first laser that not only takes age off your face, but also easily turns back the clock on your whole body!

"Fraxel laser treatments resurface your skin by using millions of microscopic thermal dots to gently penetrate only portions of the skin surface at a time. A series of treatments whisks away years of sun damage. That includes brown spots and fine wrinkles on your chest and neck, and those tell-tale age spots and the crepey skin texture on the back of your hands. Those areas can literally scream you're older than your face says you are. Have hormonal melasma? Fraxel penetrates deep enough to wipe out the melanocytes that cause melasma...a stubborn problem for some women following pregnancy.

"We're also finding that Fraxel has dramatic effects on acne scars, both ice pick and bowl or crater scars."

One of less than 150 physicians with the Fraxel laser system, Dr. Pilest says his patients, and he, are really excited with the results. "I love it" is a common reply when asked what they think of Fraxel. Treatments are performed in a series, with additional improvements seen after each one. The laser's unique method of treating about 15-20% of the skin each time leaves the outer layer of skin intact. At most you'll look and feel slightly sunburned and then your skin may look a little "rusty" as the tiny Fraxeled dots shed from the skin surface.

Older laser systems were very painful, both during the procedure and the healing, and the original CO2 lasers actually left your skin raw. Fraxel's novel system is so gentle, you can put on makeup right afterward. There's no sedation needed, and all the prep that's required is some topical numbing cream. A special air cooling unit called a "Zimmer" blows chilled air across the skin area during treatment and makes any potential discomfort a non-issue. One patient recently remarked, "Waxing's a whole lot more painful than this!"

Consultations are the best way to learn what treatments are indicated for concerns on aging. Often Dr. Pilest will recommend a customized mix of procedures to achieve the desired youthful results. "With Thermage, Fraxel, Botox and Restylane, it's nothing short of amazing how you can match someone's appearance to fit the young person inside. Look 60 but feel like you're 30? It's not that hard to knock off 10 to 20 years- without plastic surgery."

Dr. Nissan Pilest is noted by his medical peers as being "cutting edge" and his Total Dermatology office backs that up with one of the most comprehensive arrays of laser, light and non-ablative laser technology in Orange County and Southern California. He's a designated Botox training physician, has advanced Thermage certification, is an often-requested speaker on light and laser technology and is an Associate Professor at the University of California Irvine's Department of Dermatology.