Top Procedures for December 2010


Readers have spoken and this month, Zeltiq took the top procedure spot.

In this final month of the year, there were some surprising developments in procedure popularity on American Health and Beauty. As the year winds down and readers look toward going to holiday parties and starting their New Year's Resolutions, weight loss and nutrition articles are always popular. This year though, there were some surprises in our article count.

zeltiq fat freeze


  1. Zeltiq

    Zeltiq uses targeted cold therapy to freeze fat cells, causing them to crystallize and die. This year, Zeltiq received FDA approval and has been all over the news and medical shows this year. The media coverage of this non-invasive fat reduction surgery has helped catapult it to the number one spot on American Health and Beauty.

  2. SmartLipo

    SmartLipo has held the number one spot on AHB longer than any other procedure. It's the gold standard of laser lipo and helps remove fat by first melting it with a laser. The emulsified fat is easier to remove and the device generally spares damage to other surrounding structures.

  3. Thermage

    When patients want to tighten skin, Thermage is the answer. Using radio frequency, the collagen is heated and begins regenerating, tightening the skin's appearance and improving the look of wrinkles. When it's time for holiday parties, many turn to Thermage tomake them look better by party time.

  4. Permanent Makeup

    Permanent makeup is always a popular treatment on American Health and Beauty. Patients interested in saving themselves time in the morning turn to this tattoo-like treatment that can be used for eyeliner, lipliner, or even to cover scars.

  5. BOTOX

    Botox is the most popular injectable in the US, and the same is true for AHB. Using a purified and diluted form of the neurotoxin botulism, nerves and muscles can't communicate properly so the muscles are unable to contract. This inability to tighten means that wrinkles are diminished. It lasts for around 3 months and begins working in a few days.