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Body-Jet Shows Promise for Natural Breast Augmentation Procedures


Patients seeking a natural alternative to implants can turn to Body-Jet for fat transfer.

body-jet natural breast augmentation
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A new study has found that using {!Body-Jet} water-jet assisted liposuction is beneficial for natural breast augmentation. The clinical study of 85 patients examined the use of Body-Jet(TM) in combination with the LipoCollector(TM) system for sterile collection and separation of fat tissue for re-injection. Fat transfer procedures have been gaining in popularity, but have consistently faced the problem of fat cell survival. This study showed that participants had a permanent take rate of about 76% of the transferred fat.

Body-Jet works by using pressurized water to blast fat cells loose from surrounding tissues. This method makes the fat easier to remove without destroying the cells, as is the case with laser lipo devices that melt the fat. Maintaining the integrity of the cells helps them survive when transferred into the breast, and other parts of the body.

Many women are turning to natural breast augmentation as they prefer not to use a foreign substance, but rather their own fat. Also, the procedure offers dual benefits in one treatment, with patients enjoying liposuction and breast volume enhancement at the same time. Furthermore, natural breast augmentation is scar free.

The study authors concluded, "The potential uses of this method for cases of permanent implant removal following capsular contracture, for total or partial breast reconstruction, or for the general correction of volume deficiencies are promising and open up new perspectives in the field of plastic surgery."