Microskin Effectively Masks Vitiligo And Port Wine Stains


Unlike heavy makeup, Microskin offers patients a new, durable and waterproof solution to hide their severe skin conditions.

Now there is a breakthrough for patients who suffer from skin conditions such as vitiligo, port-wine stains, severe rosacea or large birthmarks: Microskin. Previously, people with severe skin conditions had to resort to surgery, laser treatments such as IPLs, Fractional Resurfacing or heavy, concealer-type makeup that looked mask-like and easily rubbed off. The innovative Microskin system acts like a second skin and is specifically formulated for each patient to color-correct even the most severe skin conditions.

Dr. Lori Brightman Microskin Results for Vitiligo
Microskin Results For Vitiligo

Dr. Lori Brightman of the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York says, "For a patient that has a birthmark on an entire half of their face, think of the time that it takes to apply makeup everyday," and because of traditional heavy concealing makeup, "You're afraid to hug someone or even be outside because you're sweating. This is an alternative because it doesn't come off. It sticks on your skin until you take it off with a special solution that's used for Microskin."

Originating from Brisbane, Australia, Microskin uses an advanced computer scan of existing skin (both affected and non-affected) to formulate a color correction shade that is unique to the individual. Made from all natural ingredients, Microskin is a light liquid that can be airbrushed onto larger areas or applied using a specially designed stippling sponge for areas smaller than the palm of a hand. Once it dries, Microskin is waterproof and will not rub off on clothing but allows the skin to breathe. Dr. Brightman says, "Microskin actually stays on your skin anywhere from 5?7 days," and the patient determines when to remove and reapply.
Dr. Lori Brightman Microskin Results for Nevus
Microskin Results For Nevus

Many insurance companies consider skin conditions such as vitiligo and port-wine stains as cosmetic so most patients have to pay for treatment out of pocket. And while there has been some headway made with laser therapy, this remains a costly and time-consuming option for many. "While patients are undergoing treatments for their skin disease or if they can't undergo treatments, they now have another option: Microskin."

Available only at the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of New York, Microskin offers patients a better standard of living by giving them control over their physical appearance and emotional well-being. Included with the actual product, which is provided by trained specialists, there are one-on-one or group trainings on how to best use Microskin.