How to Effectively Fade Scars


Light and medication therapies work together to minimize the appearance of scars.

Having a scar can be embarrassing and many work hard to hide any scarring. Every scar is different, ranging from burns to acne scars to stretch marks. Advancements in laser and light technologies are enabling physicians to more effectively treat and reduce the appearance of many different kinds of scars.

Several different types of scars can also be treated using a combination of fractional resurfacing, IPL, and in some cases medications may be used. According to Dr. David Verebelyi, an aesthetic laser expert in Denver, CO, "We treat all scars a little bit differently. Before, our only tool for treating scars was injection of Kenalog with steroids, pulsed dye laser and then maybe resurfacing with a full CO2. Now we can get that tissue to really remodel at a much deeper level by using some of the fractionated lasers. Right now were optimizing those treatments looking at everything from high density pulses and high fluency pulses trying to get the best bang for the buck with those."

scar treatment
Post 4 Treatments of Pulsed Dye Laser and Kenalog/5-FU Injections

Several treatments are needed for most scars and the price varies greatly based on the kind of scarring you have. Check with your dermatologist or aesthetic physician to see if there are treatments available for your scar.