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At-Home Hair Removal Methods


Stop shaving and waxing and take a look at these DIY hair removal products which can give you the results without the razor rash.

Laser hair removal made it possible to permanently reduce hair growth and people everywhere were thrilled that they could avoid the pitfalls of shaving and the pain of waxing. Now, those who prefer to keep hair removal at home have options outside of the razor too. Liz Vaccariello, health investigator for The Doctors, gives the inside information on the latest products for DIY hair removal.

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  • No!No! Hair - This hand held device uses heat to burn the hair off and, over time, kill the follicle so that hair cannot regrow. A thermo-dynamic wire singes and burns off the hair. It's similar to laser hair removal, but can be used on those with light hair and also those with dark skin. The price is hefty at $285, but according to the manufacturer, users can expect to see a 94% reduction in hair regrowth.

  • Smooth Away - Simply rub this pad covered with superfine crystals over your treatment area to buff away unwanted hair. Liz compares the rough surface to an emory board and says that Smooth Away not only removes hair, but also exfoliates your skin. This is not a lasting result and hair will regrow as normal, but with a $10 price tag it is a nice alternative to shaving.

  • Depil Silk - Depilatory creams have been around for years, but this spray on depilatory works fast and moisturizes the skin in the process. Spray on the Depil Silk, leave it on for 5 minutes, then wipe the hair away. You can expect to be hair free for 2-3 weeks, after which the hair will grow back as normal.

  • TRIA Laser Hair Removal - Liz didn't go over this one, but the TRIA laser hair removal system is FDA approved for permanent hair reduction and, according to the manufacturer, offers users the same results they would see from professional devices. Users have an adjustable energy setting in order to customize the treatment depending on hair color and thickness. Just as in professional settings where aestheticians have their choice of a wide range of hair removal settings, the TRIA gives you the same choice at home so that you can best remove the unwanted hair.

If none of these options sounds right to you, check with a laser hair removal provider in your area to find out if you're a candidate for permanent hair reduction. Treatments are more comfortable than ever and are highly effective.