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What to Expect After Zerona


Zerona offers patients inch loss without surgery, but the effects can be greatly enhanced by following up with some diet and exercise.

Patients around the country have discovered Zerona, the non-surgical inch reduction solution. Without ever actually coming in contact with the patient, the device works by using infrared laser energy to painlessly open a pore in the fat cells, causing them to empty their contents. One course of treatment is 40 minutes per session with 3 sessions per week every 2 weeks.

What some patients may not be aware of is the recommended diet, supplement, and massage regimen that many physicians say helps enhance the effects of the Zerona laser. Dr. Walter Tom offers Zerona in Napa, CA, and asks patients to alter their diet and exercise a bit to help improve results. "If a patient follows our guidelines of increasing their activities somewhat, and tries to be on a lower fat diet while also drinking lots of fluids, I think that they can really see those dramatic results."

Dr. Tom also uses lymphatic massage to help improve results. He uses the Lumicell device, which was originally developed as a cellulite treatment system. Dr. Tom says that the massage helps to move the fat out. "Lymphatic message helps to facilitate the taking away of fat, contouring the body and it's made a big difference, in my opinion, in terms of improving the results in our patients."

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Actual Results of Zerona with Dr. Walter Tom
Lost 3 lbs, 1 3/4" around flanks

Managing expectations is important with Zerona, some promise several inches lost, but that can be unrealistic in many cases. The company does promise over 3.5" in total inches lost, that is a composite of inches lost all over the body, so it may be a half inch here and a quarter of an inch there. If you don't hit that goal, you can receive a complimentary second set of treatments. Some patients do better, some patients don't do as well, but you can help your results. The company states that the typical person loses closer to 7.5" accumulative over several areas.

Dr. Tom says, "After having a treatment on Monday, Wednesday and Friday - two weeks in row - at the end of that second week I would anticipate that that patient is going to have lost 2-3 pounds, maybe more if they're exercising and living a healthier lifestyle. I'm going to anticipate that the patient's waistline is going to be 1-2 inches smaller. That's what I think is a very reasonable expectation."