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What Can Zerona Do for Patients?


Patients who seek out the newly FDA approved Zerona treatment should understand what to expect from treatment and what approval means.

Now that Zerona has gained FDA approval, it's likely that more patients will be aware of this non-surgical, pain free inch loss option. What is it exactly that Zerona is FDA approved for and what can patients expect from their treatment?

Following the completion of a placebo-controlled, randomized, double-blind, multi-site clinical investigation which evaluated 67 study participants, the FDA granted market clearance to the Zerona device from Erchonia. Study participants had an average inch loss of 3.65 inches across their waist, hips, and thighs in as little as two weeks.

The FDA also went so far as to describe the Zerona's mechanism of action as the "disruption of the adipocyte cells within the fat layer for the release of fat and lipids from these cells for non-invasive aesthetic use" and as a Class II device: "Low Level Laser System for Aesthetic Use."

zerona before and after photos
Actual Results of Zerona with Dr. Walter Tom
Lost 3 lbs, 1 3/4" around flanks

The treatment process is simple. Three times a week for two weeks constitutes one series of treatments, and most patients find benefit in two series. Each session takes 40 minutes and all you have to do is lay on the table and a technician will arrange the lights over your midsection. The lights run for 20 minutes, the patient rolls over, and the lights run for another 20 minutes on the back. No pain, no creams, no anesthesia.

About 3 inches of total loss - that is the total of inches lost from the waist, hips, and thighs together - is what patients can reasonably expect. The device is best used on a patient who has superficial fat and is at a reasonable weight, but wants to be rid of just a little fat. Some offices are finding that patients can have better results with a follow up program. Dr. Robert Burke, a cosmetic surgeon and provider of Zerona in Ann Arbor, MI says, "Zerona results are phenomenal if the patient is willing to drink 8 glasses of water a day, to watch their diet and get a modest amount of exercise each day."

Some doctors also include lymphatic massage to help improve results. Dr. Walter Tom, a cosmetic surgeon who offers Zerona in Napa, CA likes to follow up Zerona treatment with the Lumicell device, which was originally developed as a cellulite treatment system. Dr. Tom says that the massage helps to move the fat out. "Lymphatic message helps to facilitate the taking away of fat, contouring the body and it's made a big difference, in my opinion, in terms of improving the results in our patients."