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Mommy Makeover - Because You're Not Ready for Mom Jeans


If you're not willing to go gently into the good night of a poochy belly and sagging breasts, check out a Mommy Makeover, which offers a combination of procedures to help get back your body before the babies.

Moms know how childbirth and pregnancy take a toll on the body, and with the exponentially busy life that comes with the baby, there is very little time or energy to work to get it back. The bummer of it is, even if you do manage to make the time to take care of yourself, it's possible that you'll only be able to get your body so far, and then the need for surgical intervention becomes apparent.

Now, moms have the choice of a combination procedure known as the mommy makeover The beauty of these treatments is that they offer patients the choice of several different surgical and minimally invasive procedures to build the combination that's right for their desired results. According to Dr. Joel Beck, Bay Area plastic surgeon, "Typically a mommy makeover to me is for somebody who wants body contouring and has some type of a breast augmentation or lift. The body contouring typically is going to be a tummy tuck, because it will help remove extra skin and fat." He goes on to say that occasionally, he can perform a laser lipo rather than a tummy tuck, but if the patient has the separation of muscles in the stomach known as diastasis recti, the muscles need to be repaired to improve the 'pooch' in the lower stomach.

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mommy makeover before and after
Actual Mommy Makeover results of Dr. Joel Beck

When he is able to use laser lipo, Dr. Beck often turns to his SmartLipo Triplex device. This latest in laser assisted liposuction combines three wavelengths to melt fat for easy removal and skin tightening. In younger patients who have good skin contraction and don't have diastasis recti, he is able to perform SmartLipo Triplex rather than a tummy tuck.

Dr. Beck says that moms often experience a loss of volume in the breast, but the treatment varies depending on whether added volume is needed or a breast lift or both. Also, many women like to have vaginal rejuvenation to help increase sexual pleasure, fix a problem with urinary incontinence and restore the vagina to the patient's pre-baby health.

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Actual Tummy Tuck results of Dr. Joel Beck
Actual Mommy Makeover results of Dr. Joel Beck

One of the benefits of the mommy makeover is the savings. Combining all of the procedures into one trip to the OR saves from having several surgeries over the coursed of several months. Also, there is only one recovery period, so patients can get back to work, or being a mom, right away. The best candidate is "a patient in her 30's or 40's who is relatively thin and has loose skin, who has a diastasis recti... causing a pooch to the tummy. Also, somebody whose breasts have lost volume or needs either a lift, an augmentation or both."

Because some of the work being done is a serious surgical procedure, a mommy makeover is typically not one that can be performed in the physician's office, rather a hospital or surgery center is often used. It is also best to make sure that you don't plan on having more children, because that will often undo the work of the tummy tuck.