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Combining Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Growing in Popularity


Cosmetic surgery patients, especially moms, enjoy combination procedures for an all over change.

These days, cosmetic surgery patients are looking to maximize their return and get the most out of the cost of their procedure. Often, this includes combining procedures so that with only one trip to the operating room and one healing period, patients can see an all over improvement.

mommy makeover
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"I perform multiple procedures at the same time, and I thing plastic surgery as a field is going toward that direction," says Dr. Jason Martin, a Denver board certified plastic surgeon. "People want to get natural changes, but they want to treat the whole body - not just one area." While in the past, patients would more often have just one procedure done, now they are looking for an entire package.

Combination procedures often include a mix of surgical and non-surgical treatments such as a facelift in conjunction with fractional resurfacing for a more complete anti-aging effect. Often these patients may want a blepharoplasty or eye lift as well. Dr. Martin says it's a great benefit to patients to offer all of these procedures under one roof. "We treat people almost holistically. We take care of everything - their skin and their body issues."

Not only do patients looking for anti-aging procedures experience this benefit, but those who want body contouring improvements as well. Dr. Martin says that many women, especially those who have had children, undergo what some physicians term the mommy makeover. This combination typically includes a tummy tuck or, if the patient is a candidate, a short incision tummy tuck. Additionally, a breast lift procedure gives an all over improvement. "I rarely do a single case in terms of just a reduction. Almost all my cases have combined procedures."

Dr. Martin does caution that not all patients are appropriate candidates for combined procedures. "There are some situations where you can't do a lot. If a person has certain medical conditions or if they have a past medical history where they've had issues, they may not be able to handle several procedures at once."

"The whole paradigm in my field has is that you want to take a patient and help them through this journey from start to finish," says Dr. Martin. "You don't just come in to the plastic surgeon's office and get plastic surgery. Physicians from different fields may combine together and make an area where someone can come and get everything done. It's the newer way."