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Lose Inches Fast with Zerona


If avoiding surgery is important and you need a quick inch loss, low level laser therapy with Zerona may be the right solution.

Zerona from Erchonia uses low level light technology to help people lose inches without surgery. Treatment requires no injections or anesthesia - the device never actually makes contact with the patient, which is the number one priority for many patients. 

"This is cutting edge technology," says Dr. Robert Burke, a Zerona provider in Ann Arbor, MI. "There are a lot of people who want to lose inches, they want to lose some weight, they want to look a little bit better but number 1, they don't want to have surgery or they don't have time for surgery. If you're a busy business person and you don't have time to recuperate from surgery. So it seems like it's ideal in today's world for busy people, for people who don't want to have surgery and for people who say, 'Okay, I need to look better in my clothes. In a couple of weeks I'm going to a reunion or something,' and you know they haven't got time to recuperate from surgery and get the results that they want."

zerona before and after photo
LLLT results of Dr. Elizabeth Vanderveer

Surgical treatments such as SmartLipo are available, but recovery and final results still take some time. Dr. Burke says, "SmartLipo is wonderful but in order to see the final result in SmartLipo it does take a couple of months for the full tightening. You will see some results earlier but here's somebody - they've procrastinated and it's three weeks until their wedding, they ate a little too much and they can't quite get into their wedding dress, that's an ideal candidate."

Zerona works by affecting the fat cells to empty their contents, but patients must follow the program. As Dr. Burke describes, "It's low level laser therapy which apparently influences the fat cells that start to leak and your body just gets rid of it. Now my understanding is though that you have to follow protocol. This isn't going to be for somebody who comes in and says I don't want to change anything, I'm not going to do anything different, I'm going to keep eating anything I want to - you've got to watch what you eat, take good care of yourself, get regular exercise and I think one of the keys is making sure that each day you drink a lot of fluid."

Dr. Burke says that there are a wide variety of ideal candidates for Zerona, including someone who wants to begin a diet and exercise program. "One would be a person who wants to kick start a start a lifestyle change - they've had trouble, they want to change things, they want to see some kind of result, and as long as they're committed they'd be great.... The ideal candidate is going to be somebody who says, 'You know what, I just don't want surgery. I'm committed, I'll follow the protocol but I just don't want surgery, and what else can you do that isn't surgery that's as proven as this?'"

Three times a week for two weeks constitutes one series of treatments, and many patients find benefit in two series. Though Zerona's results are not as dramatic as surgical procedures, if avoiding surgery is your number one priority, this may be right for you. If you're willing to follow the protocol and watch what you eat, you will see results from Zerona.