Health Insurance May Cover Vaginal Rejuvenation


Don't suffer in silence anymore: discuss labiaplasty with your physician. Your health insurance may cover more than just your yearly women's health exam.

Labiaplasty Covered by Health Insurance
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Statistics from the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery show a 100.7% increase in the number of Vaginal Rejuvenation procedures performed on American women from 2008 to 2009. Of these procedures, one of the most popular is labiaplasty. "For women who suffer from large or uneven labia minora--a condition known as labial hypertrophy--labiaplasty can give the inner vaginal lips a more trim, youthful look," says Chicago-based board-certified plastic surgeon Allan Parungao, MD, FACS.

"Labiaplasty reduces and/or balances the size of the inner lips of the vulva, or external female genitals," explains Dr. Parungao, author of A Woman's Guide to Cosmetic Breast Surgery and Body Contouring. "After labiaplasty, the labia minora no longer protrude outside the outer vaginal lips.

In some cases, when it is deemed medically necessary, labiaplasty is covered by health insurance. Labial hypertrophy is considered a medical problem when:
  • Persistent moisture, chafing and irritation causes recurrent infections
  • Problems with urination and feminine hygiene due to large or uneven labia minora
Aside from painful sexual intercourse, labial hypertrophy can cause acute emotional stress by embarrassment in intimate relationships.

As statistics reveal, more women are looking into vaginal rejuvenation but for thousands of women, it is still a subject that is taboo and too shameful to discuss. Suffering in silence, these woman cannot wear certain types of underwear or clothing simply because it is too uncomfortable or it could exacerbate existing infections.

"Some women first find out about labiaplasty when they stumble upon it on the Internet," notes Dr. Parungao, and more women are finding out they are not alone - and that there could be a solution. And while each woman's health insurance coverage differs from the next, it's worth it to talk to your doctor about whether labiaplasty is an option and if your insurance will cover it.