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Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown Can Transform Your Body


"The Biggest Loser " trainer Jillian Michaels sits in with "The Doctors" with tips for a healthier, and happier lifestyle.

We all know her from The Biggest Loser, fitness expert and trainer Jillian Michaels visits the set of The Doctors today to talk about exercise, health, and her new workout DVD, Yoga Meltdown. Yoga is considered by many to be less about developing strength and more about increasing flexibility and balance. In Jillian's new video, she combines the traditional power poses of yoga with circuit training to create a workout that combines both flexibility and power.

jillian michaels on the doctors
Jillian is the trainer for the blue team this year on The Biggest Loser and her team is doing well. They are now in their 7th week and her team posted some big numbers this week:

  • Miggy - 4 lbs
  • Lance - 5 lbs
  • Sunshine - 7 lbs
  • Daris - 7 lbs
  • Koli - 10 lbs
  • Michael - 15 lbs

    Jillian also talks with the docs about hangover cures and foods to help relieve PMS. Hangovers are due to alcohol's toxic effect on the body, one of the largest and most significant of those being dehydration. Doctors cast member Dr. Travis Stork suggests balancing out your alcohol consumption with water by drinking a glass of water with every alcoholic beverage. Another key hangover component is acetaldehyde which is a toxin formed in the liver as the body tries to process the alcohol. Only time can really clear out this toxin, but there are foods that can help:
    • Egg yolks have an amino acid that helps break down the acetaldehyde.
    • Asparagus helps break down toxins in the body.
    • Tomato juice and bananas are both high in potassium, which helps replenish cells and boost tissue and organ function.
    Some surprising foods will help keep you in balance and stave off PMS. Jillian advises that you stay away from foods that are estrogenic such as soy and beer, and opt for a diet rich in vitamin D and calcium, such as milk and yogurt. Complex carbohydrates such as whole grains and vegetables also boost seratonin levels, which is thought to be a natural mood enhancer.

    Last season's Biggest Loser winner, Danny Cahill, visited the set of The Doctors where cast member and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon surprised him with a free tummy tuck procedure to remove the excess skin left over after Danny's amazing 239 lb weight loss.