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Meet Tisanoreica, the Popular Italian Weight Loss Regimen That is Coming to America


Finally a diet where you don't have to deprive yourself of great tasting food! The Tisanoreica is a weight-loss program based on herbal extract supplements that is hugely popular in Europe.

Obesity has become a huge problem in many western countries, including Italy. In particular, abdominal obesity is one of the principle risk factors for cardiovascular disease, dyslipidemia, hypertension and diabetes.

Tisanoreica Italian Diet is coming to America
Tisanoreica Italian Diet is coming to America
The most commonly accepted dietary strategy is based on relatively high levels of carbohydrates and low fat content but according to some studies these low fat diets yield only modest weight loss and suffer from low long-term compliance. People try everything to lose weight, and rack up failure upon failure.

Italians have developed a way to make dieting a task to actually look forward to. They have a phenomenal, effortless way with fresh food and lifestyle, so it is no surprise that they can handle issues like weight loss. All this in a way that only an Italian can handle, with proven science and centuries old herbal extracts in a fool-proof system, all doctor supervised, that leans you out and delights you with the food choices you are offered while doing the work.

The Tisanoreica is a weight-loss program based on herbal extract supplements. The program was developed by the Italian dietary supplements manufacturer Gianluca Mech S.P.A. The established company produces its products through a process of extraction without the use of alcohol, sugars or preservatives called "decottopia." The result is a more concentrated dietary supplement.

The TISANORIECA DIET is based on the scientifically established principle that when people eat less carbohydrates, their bodies turn to fat for energy. Indeed, in a scientifically controlled study, overweight participants on a TISANOREICA DIET had their total Body Mass Index reduced after just 20 days by 6%, fat mass by 22%, waist circumference by 6%, hips by 4% and thighs by 9%.

In another study, comparing TISANOREICA DIET with other popular diets, participants after 20 days lost approximately 18 pounds with TISANOREICA, 13 pounds with the Zone Diet and 6 pounds with the Mediterranean Diet.

Gianluca Mech applied his century-old knowledge (the patented Decottopia Technology and the Tisanoreica Technology) to develop one of the best Herbal Extract Supplement diet available today. The Tisanoreica is a "Mediterranean style" ketogenic diet that utilizes very low carbohydrate ingredients formulated to simulate the aspect and taste of common carbohydrate rich foods (like pasta) and which contain needed nutritious phytoextracts. The Tisanoreica herbal extracts during the diet period reduce some commonly reported light side effects of a ketogenic diet. Numerous studies have shown that Low Carbohydrates Diets (LCD) do promote fat loss. When LCD is used in conjunction with Tisanoreica Herbal Extracts there is marked improvement in fat loss.

The Tisanoreica is presented in two phases that can be done for 20, 30 or the most aggressive 40 days. Each phase comes with specialized herbal extracts in liquid form and protein supplements in powder form. According to GianlucaMechSPA.com, the factors that distinguish this diet from others is the high number of herbal extracts in its supplements, which allows the body to maintain a good nutritional balance. The aim of the program is to eliminate all carbohydrates and fats from your diet.

Intensive Phase

Phase I of the diet is called the Intensive Phase and lasts a minimum seven days (for the 20-day program).

The purpose of this phase is for the body to undergo a type of ketosis, called green ketosis, or the accumulation of ketones. Tisanoreica notes that during this time, the body uses fat and preserves lean body mass. It's important to understand that ketosis is considered a metabolic disorder and can have side effects, such as kidney strain, osteoporosis and increased levels of cholesterol.

Stabilization Phase

The second phase of the diet program is the stabilization phase, which lasts a minimum of eight days (for the 20-day program). This phase continues to promote the burning of fat while allowing the body to return to a more normal diet plan. GianlucaMechSPA.com claims you can expect to lose 7 to 14 lb. on the 20-day program, 15 to 25 lb. on the 30-day program and 26 lb. or more on the 40-day program.


The program allows for some exercise during the first phase of the diet. According to GianlucaMechSPA.com, you can participate in sports two times per week for 20 to 30 minutes per session. This restriction is due to the diet's goal of getting your body to enter the ketosis stage, which exercise would hinder it from doing. You are allowed to exercise lightly on a daily basis during the stabilizing phase.


Any diet that completely restricts the intake of vital nutrition, such as carbohydrates and fats, can be detrimental to your health.Remember, there are possible side effects when inducing ketosis on your body, so the Tisanoreica must be assessed for you by a doctor before you decide to try this or any other diet to make sure there will be no negative consequences. Also, discuss with him any prescription medication you may be taking before adding an herbal supplement to your diet.

Tisanoreica Programs are prescribed by doctors and other professionals. During a typical consultation, the amount of weight the client desires to lose is determined. Tisanoreica Programs feature the famous Gianluca Mech's extracts, patented mixtures of a variety of medicinal herbs combined to enable the body to maintain a natural balance during the dieting process. The first phase of the Tisanoreica Diet focuses on eliminating all in-take of carbohydrates (sugars) and fats. As a result, the body will seek existing supply of body fats and protein as a source for energy. In this manner, the body consumes stored fat while preserving lean, muscle mass thanks to the high protein supplement. Their dieting herbal extracts are easily digested (94% average vs. 20% for meats and eggs) and provide reduced stress to the organs such as the liver and kidneys.

Some of the observations Tisanoreica researchers have found after years of clinical studies:
  • Weight-loss can be achieved at a rate of 5% to 12% of original weight (more for extended diet period)
  • More than 60% of the weight loss was due to fat reduction
  • Lean muscle mass was remained constant
  • Beginning metabolism increased by 13% to 20% during and after dieting burning additional calories
Reduction in the respiratory quotient resulting in weight-loss as body fats continue to be burned even following the diet:
  • Appearance of Cellulite is diminished especially in weight-loss body area
  • Reduction in total cholesterol
  • Increase in HDL values
  • Reductions in triglycerides
  • In Type II diabetes, reduction in glycemia (SP)
Other observations according to studies by the company:
  • Better compliance by patients in following the Tisanoreica Programs vs. other diets
  • Weight loss is achieved and visually realized in a shorter period of time
  • Weight loss remains off in the long term
  • Quality of life during the Tisanoreica Diet is not compromised as food intake remains tasty, consistent while minimizing cravings and other effects that are experienced by other diets.
As seen on Good Day LA in Los Angeles on August 22, 2013