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Rhinoplasty Recession Style - The Non-Surgical Permanent Nose Job


Dr. Alexander Rivkin announces a clinical study of the permanent non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure with Artefill - a safe, low-cost alternative to surgery.

According to researchers, the "Lipstick Effect" is not happening in the current economic times as it did in the past. However, while women are not purchasing lipstick as a "pick-me-up," they have not forgone cosmetic treatments. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures are up five percent versus 2007. While "surgical numbers dropped nine percent," the research indicates that there is a growing demand for non-surgical alternatives. And now, with permanent fillers, the options are even more appealing.

Dr. Alexander Rivkin, aesthetic injection specialist and original creator of the Non-Surgical Nose Job, has performed more than 1000 Non-Surgical Nose Job procedures using temporary fillers. Now that he has had success with over 100 patients using the FDA approved permanent filler, Artefill, he is initiating a study to document the superb long-term effects that he is seeing. The study will document how Artefill can correct a large variety of nasal cosmetic issues and how the correction lasts over time.

"This is very exciting! With Artefill, the cosmetic result of the Non-Surgical Nose Job will persist just as long as the result of surgical Rhinoplasty," says Rivkin. "We are presently seeing many more patients who were considering surgery. Now that we can offer a permanent non-surgical solution, patients are eager to avoid the pain, downtime, risk and cost, associated with surgery."

before and after non surgical rhinoplasty

When performed by an experienced aesthetic specialist, the Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty procedure can effectively: camouflage bumps on the bridge of the nose; lift drooping nasal tips for a straight profile; raise the height of and better define the nasal bridge for people with a broad or low bridge, and correct natural or post surgical asymmetry of the tip or bridge.

Artefill is also very useful as an alternative for surgical chin or cheek augmentation with implants. The Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation and Non-Surgical Cheek Augmentation procedures will provide permanent volume correction without surgery. The augmentation is a bit more subtle than what can be achieved with a silicone implant, but subtle and natural looking is what people are looking for these days! When using Artefill, Dr. Rivkin points out, "It is best to be very conservative. These procedures should be performed over two or more visits so that the result is always perfect and never overfilled."

A Permanent Non-Surgical Nose Job generally costs $2,000 ? less than one quarter of the cost of traditional Rhinoplasty surgery. Source: Westside Aesthetics