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How To Obtain The Perfect Nose After A Failed Rhinoplasty


If your initial nose job results are less than ideal, Dr. William Binder offers Revision Rhinoplasty to correct any botched nose job.

The nose is an extremely complex breathing organ and it is also the most prominent feature on the face, making it one of the most sought after plastic surgery procedures. However, it is estimated that up to 15% of all nose surgeries are botched. Some "botched" nose surgeries are obvious immediately after surgery, others can take up to two years to collapse.

Revision Nose Job Dr. William Binder
Actual Revision Nose Job Results by Dr. William Binder

"Patients frequently wonder 'why did my nose look okay at first, but now it is collapsed or skeletonized," notes Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. William J. Binder, the country's most sought after Rhinoplasty Revision Expert whose office is considered the 'final destination' for correcting the most difficult problems in Revision Rhinoplasty.

According to Dr. Binder creating a naturally shaped nose is vitally important for a patient's physical and psychological well-being and maintaining or improving its function takes an experienced and highly skilled surgeon. Mastery of the rhinoplasty procedure is limited until the surgeon has been performing it consistently for at least ten to fifteen years. Rhinoplasty procedures are said to be in a completely different class. Dr. Binder's confidence in performing a Rhinoplasty (or Revision) procedure, is based on an extremely high rate of success that enables him to say to his patients, "I can, with confidence, obtain a successful result even in the most extreme cases."

Revision Rhinoplasty Results T Graft Dr. William Binder
Actual Before and After Revision Rhinoplasty Results by D. William Binder

"I've seen noses that have been opened 2-3 times through traditional open rhinoplasty and some that simply cannot be opened again because the scar tissue is too dense. Due to the significant amount of scarring, we can only reconstruct the nose through a closed technique. The evolution is applying structural concepts of the open rhinoplasty to the closed technique."

One of Dr. Binder's most state-of-the-art methods to reinforce and restructure a weakened nose is to create a special "T" bridge that he intricately carves from graft tissue taken from the patient's own cartilage or rib. The "T" bridge reinforces the natural cartilages and actually forms the shape of the nasal tip. The nuances of the finished effect and attention to the smallest detail are what define a positive outcome, a secure nose and a very happy patient.

Other specialized treatments offered by Dr. Binder include cartilage repositioning, structural grafting and suturing techniques, spreader grafts, nasal valve reconstruction with alar batton grafts and supporting rim strips are only mastered by other surgeons through extensive experience over a long period of time.

Botched Nose Job Dr. William Binder
Actual Before and After Revision Nose Job Results by Dr. William Binder

"Many of the patients referred to me for Revision Rhinoplasty are "conspicuously artificial-looking" or have "altered noses" that often have serious structural damage or deficiencies, such as collapsed nasal valves and simultaneous breathing problems," continued Dr. Binder. "Using rib cartilage is offering these patients a solution to their collapsed nose and, for those that suffer breathing difficulties after Rhinoplasty, nasal valve reconstruction is helping them breathe freely once again."