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Nose Reconstruction: From Traditional Rhinoplasty To Non-Surgical Nose Jobs


Rhinoplasty runs the gamut in what it can correct for the nose: options available include rebuilding or reshaping the nose to new innovative non-surgical techniques that offer a temporary new bridge.

A prominent feature on the face, the nose plays an integral part in bringing balance and form to the profile. As such, when patients are unhappy with their nose, it is something that cannot be easily dismissed. One of the first to make a splash in the plastic surgery sphere, rhinoplasty continues to top the charts as one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed. And while technique and technology has changed, ranging from complete reconstruction to non-surgical nose jobs, one thing is true - changing your nose has never been easier.

nose reconstruction
Before and After Results of Nose Reconstruction by Dr. Jay Calvert
Image Courtesy of www.thedoctorstv.com

As seen on The Doctors, Publisher of Renew Magazine James Moorhead visited the set to have his nose reconstructed. After years of cocaine abuse, Moorhead's nose had collapsed and needed to be rebuilt entirely. In an innovative new procedure, Dr. Jay Calvert uses bone from the 8th and 9th rib to create large dorsal reconstruction grafts to act as the bridge and support for the new nose. Dr. Calvert also uses cartilage grafts to form nostrils and when diced and combined with facsia, he uses it as "spackle for the bridge of the nose" to smooth out the newly reconstructed nose.

In less severe cases of rhinoplasty, in which patients may just be unhappy with the shape of their nose, they can expect a much less traumatic procedure that still yields big changes. "A lot of factors affect which surgical approach I'll take and what kind of results the patient can expect," describes Los Angeles rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Grant Stevens, "This kind of variation is part of what makes rhinoplasties so complex, but a surgeon who takes a multifaceted approach to nose surgery can get results that look extremely natural."
ethnic rhinoplasty
Before and After Rhinoplasaty Results of Marina Plastic Surgery Associates

Specializing in cosmetic plastic surgery at his practice Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, one of the key trends that Dr. Stevens has seen is the rise in rhinoplasty that retains ethnic traits, instead of just one ideal nose. "With ethnic surgeries it's particularly important to work with the patient's natural beauty instead of against it; otherwise the results can look very contrived," states Dr. Stevens.

Another option that is available to patients who are seeking modification to their noses is a non-surgical nose job in which facial fillers are used to temporarily change the shape of the nose. A pioneer in the field of non surgical nose jobs, Dr. Alexander Rivkin uses dermal fillers such as Radiesse or Restylane to smooth out angles, bumps or change the angle of the nose in approximately 15 minutes. While temporary, this option is good for patients who are not quite ready for surgery.
Dr Alexander Rivkin Non Surgical Nose Job Before and After
Actual Results of Dr. Alexander Rivkin's Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Whether you're a patient seeking complete nose reconstruction or looking for a new look that is individualized to your ethnicity and face - there is no doubt rhinoplasty can help change your profile. New techniques mean better permanent results and new technology even offers temporary results - either way, the patient benefits with a myriad of choices.