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Lux1540 and Lux2940

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Palomar Lux1540 Non-Ablative ResurfacingThe Palomar LUX 1540 Fractional Laser Handpiece delivers light in an array of high precision microbeams. These microbeams create narrow, deep columns of tissue coagulation that penetrate well below the epidermis and into the dermis, while sparing the tissue surrounding the columns from damage.

The Palomar LUX 1540 microbeams penetrate deeper (up to 1 mm) than other devises. These deep columns of coagulated tissue initiate a natural healing process that accelerates the formation of new, healthy tissue to fill in the damaged treatment zones; the deeper the columns, the more new tissue. Coagulated collagen and cellular debris is expelled as skin is resurfaced. Throughout the process, the integrity of the top layer of skin is maintained, which protects the tissue from infection as it heals.

NEW! Palomar Lux2940 Fractional "Ablative Resurfacing Laser"

Palomar Lux2940 Ablative Resurfacing The Lux2940 Fractional Laser Handpiece can be used for:
  • Fractional Ablative Skin Resurfacing
  • Scar Revision
  • Superficial Skin Lesions
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